How to burn fat first thing in the morning

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 Tip – Improve mental focus and burn fat without working out
 How – Skip ‘breakfast’ occasionally, and eat late morning or midday, OR have a protein/fat based breakfast.
 As Long As – You haven’t been necking carbs/alcohol the night before, otherwise your blood sugar levels will be too low in the morning, and you’ll feel crap
Why – Ever considered the word ‘breakfast’? “Breaking the fast” ? Over night you’re naturally fasting …. going your longest without food. This lets the digestive system rest, including the liver to detox, and your body will switch to burning fat for energy (not much overnight, but still using it).
Then you wake annnnnnndddd… have breakfast,
often containing carbs, which releases a ‘storage’ hormone called Insulin which ………. turns off fat burning – back to carbohydrate burning.
Won’t I be Hungry? – Mentally you might, physically you’ve got TONS of fat (ok, I’m not picking on you!) to burn as energy, it’s just that;
a) You’re used to mentally eating often
b) Your body is used consuming food often
c) Drink water, stay busy, you’ll be fine!
d) Protein and fat don’t release as much insulin, in fact they release the opposite hormone, Glucagon, a fat burning hormone! – Bonus

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Why you MUST slow down

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General agreement is that how we feel, will generally dictate how we eat, whether we have something ‘healthy’ planned or not.
Relaxed and calm = Goes to Plan
Stressed and Overrun = whatever and possibly evening alcohol?!


Equally how we FEEL hugely dictates our emotions,
and stress levels.
High stress levels (Cortisol) put us into “Fight or Flight” mode, within seconds (any longer and it would be useless!!)

Think of being scared  (in person or a film etc),
and how quickly your heart rate increases
along with adrenaline levels.

Exactly the same response happens,
whether it’s a work email/talk,
running late, caught in traffic, argument,
or generally feeling
overwhelmed – it pushes us physiologically into our Sympathetic Nervous system (Fight or Flight),
resulting in elevated hormones we don’t necessarily want.

(They also affect our digestion of food, and therefore any weight gain/loss plans we might have.)

So …….. on a rough guesstimate,
how many times do your stress levels
elevate in a single day?! …………. Aye, probably don’t want to think about it too much.

However, this shows further factors
and ‘brakes’
it can have on your health, weightloss, state of mind, emotions and choices.

STRESS = Adrenaline + Cortisol + Insulin = Raised Blood Sugar Levels ===== Fat Burning Switched OFF

I’ll be covering ALL the above in my 10 Day Calm Course
starting Thursday — with just 2 Places LEFT.
– I’ll show you how to slow the brain down simply.
– How to be more focussed and ‘in control’
– 1 single thing you can use to improve Productivity x10 !
– How to feel more relaxed, less rushed
– How to improve sleep quality and be more awake in the morning!

Interested – jump in here >>


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Beware of Protein Shakes for Fat Loss

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Neck protein shakes throughout the day,

to try and up your protein or help with fat loss?


Think again ……. A protein shake can raise Insulin levels more than WHITE BREAD – not what you want, when controlling insulin is the key to fat loss.


Go real foods, go protein and higher fat, low carb!

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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Used Apple Cider vinegar before?

As well as being great for the digestive system, it could also be a secret weapon for losing fat and maintaining energy.

When you eat (mostly) carbohydrates, your body releases insulin,
to store the broken down sugars from the carbs, into stored energy or fat.

When Insulin is present, fat burning is pretty much switched off.

Take 2 teaspoons of this in water before meals and you can lower insulin release by around 40%.

Obviously it’s more effective with a general lower carb approach daily ????



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2 reasons why weightloss fails or stalls

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OK, plenty will start reading this
But at the end only a few will take action,
which is ok,
but remember doing the same things each time, but expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity …….. but it also creates repetitive frustration!

So why do many people WANT weightloss,
but often fall short?

I personally think, feel and have seen 2 reasons;

1) The aim or WANT is too far ahead.
As humans, we want everything NOW or QUICKLY!
Just have to look at the recipe books,
meals nowadays to see how ‘quick’ things are marketed.
“Meals in under 15 mins, 6 minutes Abs, microwavable in 2 mins” etc etc

If we look at the scales,
and see a figure that is going to take months,
we soon lose interest, motivation and focus,
especially if we don’t have a regular plan
that delivers each week (Just popping in that this is EXCATLY what we do in my L.E.A.N group btw! Plans and Accountability – Ask if interested!)

But if results are either too slow, or non existent,
it’s like landing on a snake in Snakes and Ladders, and back you go to the start.
2) Not defining the WHY.
For sure you might want to ‘lose weight to look better’,
but is that REALLY, a strong enough reason to
make you plan, focus and resist certain things during the week or weekend?

I doubt it, especially if point 1 is involved.
You’ve not reached X for some time,
so mentally it’s either impossible,
or it’s a pipe dream.

If you can define and remind yourself often,
what losing X would mean to you,
based on where you are now,
you’ll likely find it a stronger anchor for regular focus and achievement.
– Are you fed up feeling knackered?
– Had enough of crap sleep patterns?
– How do you feel in a swimsuit or seeing photos?
– Put off playing with the kids or having to sit down after 5mins?
– Worried about your health long term and family/children?
– Had enough of buying the ‘next size up’ every couple of months?
– Bored of wearing the same things in the wardrobe?

When you actually stop,
and ask yourself what you don’t like,
and what you WOULD like is when you can really set something personal and meaningful,
and NOT JUST follow the ‘weight loss bandwagon’.


WHY should be the foundation to anything ……… you hear your kids ask it often enough, right ?!!

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