2 reasons why weightloss fails or stalls

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OK, plenty will start reading this
But at the end only a few will take action,
which is ok,
but remember doing the same things each time, but expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity …….. but it also creates repetitive frustration!

So why do many people WANT weightloss,
but often fall short?

I personally think, feel and have seen 2 reasons;

1) The aim or WANT is too far ahead.
As humans, we want everything NOW or QUICKLY!
Just have to look at the recipe books,
meals nowadays to see how ‘quick’ things are marketed.
“Meals in under 15 mins, 6 minutes Abs, microwavable in 2 mins” etc etc

If we look at the scales,
and see a figure that is going to take months,
we soon lose interest, motivation and focus,
especially if we don’t have a regular plan
that delivers each week (Just popping in that this is EXCATLY what we do in my L.E.A.N group btw! Plans and Accountability – Ask if interested!)

But if results are either too slow, or non existent,
it’s like landing on a snake in Snakes and Ladders, and back you go to the start.
2) Not defining the WHY.
For sure you might want to ‘lose weight to look better’,
but is that REALLY, a strong enough reason to
make you plan, focus and resist certain things during the week or weekend?

I doubt it, especially if point 1 is involved.
You’ve not reached X for some time,
so mentally it’s either impossible,
or it’s a pipe dream.

If you can define and remind yourself often,
what losing X would mean to you,
based on where you are now,
you’ll likely find it a stronger anchor for regular focus and achievement.
– Are you fed up feeling knackered?
– Had enough of crap sleep patterns?
– How do you feel in a swimsuit or seeing photos?
– Put off playing with the kids or having to sit down after 5mins?
– Worried about your health long term and family/children?
– Had enough of buying the ‘next size up’ every couple of months?
– Bored of wearing the same things in the wardrobe?

When you actually stop,
and ask yourself what you don’t like,
and what you WOULD like is when you can really set something personal and meaningful,
and NOT JUST follow the ‘weight loss bandwagon’.


WHY should be the foundation to anything ……… you hear your kids ask it often enough, right ?!!

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Too much or Not Enough of something?

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Weight Gain or Loss, is ALWAYS around what we do the majority of the time.

There is NO need to remove certain foods or drinks from our diet

…… this just makes us want them MORE,

and often makes us unhappy……. ,

but there MIGHT be the need to reduce them.

A little bit of homework, if you want or need to of course 🙂

Grab a piece of paper and make a note of;

1) The things around Food and Drink you’re doing TOO OFTEN.

If we think about it, we ALL know the things maybe we do a little too often …. maybe wine or beer, bread, cakes or biscuits etc.

Even if they’re removed every other day, it WILL make a huge difference long term.

2) The things around Food and Drink, you’re NOT doing ENOUGH OF.

Again, we could all list at least a couple I’d imagine;
– Increase water intake
– 1 less coffee a day
– Less Bread
– More Veg or Fruit per day
– Reduce portion size slightly
– Eating slower! (Better digestion)

Hope it helps, and remember, change ONLY happens with action


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Back to Basics – Food and Diets

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So quite often we over complicate things,

and sometimes, going back to basics, can deliver results.

Almost …… ‘Stop looking for the magic answer’,
and do the basics often,
to feel more in control and improve results.
So, Food and Diets……..
Any diet will work if weightloss is your aim.
But how many that you’ve tried,
are you still following, and I mean regularly,
not going back to when you need to shift that 7lb(and most scales loss will be water)!
Problem is, most diets are NOT sustainable.
It will often consist of some form of restriction
or elimination,
and more often than not,
while you’re ‘on it’,
you have one eye (more likely 2!)
on the * FINAL DAY *,
so you can get back to ALL those things you’ve been missing ……. right?! 🙂
A ‘diet’ is fine, it has it’s place,
but in my opinion, being on and off something isn’t a happy way to live?!
So why does a diet work, and what can you TAKE from it?
1) You have the ‘rules’ laid out.
2) You’ll often KNOW what you’re having from one meal to the next
3) You prepare meals in advance
4) You shop for those meals (Unless your drinking shakes or popping pills)
5) You’ll likely cut back (or on most diets, OUT) alcohol
6) You’ll likely reduce sugar intake
7) You’ll maybe have some accountability in the form of a friend doing it or a physcial/social group (Like my L.E.A.N group 😉 )
8) You’ll possibly increase or add in some exercise
9) You’ll likely have a ‘figure’ of weightless you’re aiming for
10) You’ll likely reduce wheat or bread
11) You’ll probably increase fruit and vegetables
12) You’ll cut out a lot more convenience ‘foods’ …. unless you’re back to those meal replacement shakes and pills!
And in closing ……. How many of those 12 things,
could you do right now, or tomorrow, anyhow?! 🙂
Hope it helps, lemme know your thoughts.

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Supplements are a common question I get.
Unfortunately they’re banded around as a quick fix option – but without much substance…..literally!

So first the boring but true phrase;
“They’re a supplement to your diet” – the lazy persons response!

Basically what this means is;
Sort what you eat out, and often, before wasting any money on supplements.

In fact, I’d personally go with this;
1) Regular Food intake. As natural as possible, 3 meals a day and repeat.

2) Water – Minimum of 1.5litres a day

3) Sleep – Get a decent amount and of decent quality. Ideally asleep by 11 (yes this changes if you’re shift work etc) but if you don’t you’re just fannying around, if you go to bed later!

4) Stressors – Many stressors are self created. Look to address these. Write them down, address or look to put in place steps to address ones you can influence, and sort in priority list, starting with those which will relieve the most, or make the most difference.

5) Get moving. No not workouts necessarily, just get moving! Twisting, pushing, lunging, pressing – a bit more than you already do

6) Know what you want to achieve, when by, and how. It’s amazing how many people don’t REALLY know what they’re trying to achieve and how they’ll do it. This can be a big reason why things go tits up after a week or so.

7) Be organised. Plan, prep and do it again around the steps above, to ‘wherever’ you’re trying to get to.
This is another reason why the bottom falls out of progress after a few weeks

Hope it helps 🙂


P.S. An no, fat burners do NOT burn fat. They raise adrenaline, give you the jitters, and probably knacker your health and energy levels more than burning fat!

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How’s your sleep?

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Sleep – more than just shut eye,

but something that will affect;

* Weight

* Health

* Mood

* Energy

* Daily Choices

– How often do you find yourself looking at the clock,

and wondering where the last few hours went?

– Possibly closing onto ‘the next day’ before you get to bed?

– Feel evenings are all about ‘catchup’, and telling yourself ‘that’s how it is’ ?

– Maybe procrastinating, web/FB surfing beforehand?

Like anything – NOTHING is PERMANENT or set!

Sleep is when our bodies get a chance

to rebuild. Reset, and prime us for the next day.

We’ve all had occasional nights of crap sleep,

and remembers the ‘next day’ effects?!


Mid to longer term……..

We function via a collection of chemical reactions

called hormones.

2 of these Grehlin and Leptin will affect your weight.


1) Leptin signals to the brain you’re full. Often the root of ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!” phrase.

Leptin resistance literally halts the hormone from being released, or ‘received’ and can result in eating when not ‘hungry’.

2) Grehlin is the opposite to Leptin – it signals you’re hungry.

Irregular sleep patterns or not enough of it,

can affect levels of Grehlin along with Leptin and your body is like a rollercoaster around food signals and triggers.


Throw in blood sugar levels which affect

energy levels, and mood

(which often reflects how we feel, and then choices we make)

and sleep can be a “Use it or Lose” it controller.

And the best part?

It’s free!

We don’t have to pay for more.

And, we’re in control of how much we get,

and how we get it most of the time!

So, do you need to, or want to make changes

to it, and therefore health, and possibly weight?

What’s stopping you?

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