Why you ARE fine

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Reasons why YOU are just fine.

Everyone is individual.

Yet Everyone breaths and bleeds the same.
Everyone has their own shit going on in life at some point,
even if, quite often, with the growth of social media,
many don’t let this side out – they pretend life, business etc is amazing EVERY single day……

They’re fooling themselves, and pulling a mask over parts of everyday life.
I’ve come across this with Coaches and PT’s – they talk the talk, put themselves on this pedestal, yet deep down they are FAR from “where they talk to be”!

See, most people actually care a LOT LESS about what you’re doing, a lot less than you maybe think. They’re too busy dealing with their own ‘daily’ problems ……. either inside or outside their head!

So to have “fear” around doing something you NEED or WANT to do for fear of judgement, or what others might think …… sod that 🙂

See, as soon as you take your eyes off YOUR game, YOUR plan, YOUR focus, YOUR WANTS – you’re screwed!
You’re leaving things to chance – success or lack of is left to hope, and in time will massively dent your confidence, motivation and drive.

Same with comparison, and worrying about WHAT others are doing, HOW they might be doing it, WHY they’re doing it., and WHAT they’re thinking

You start to focus on THEIR goals, all of a sudden YOUR wants and aims become what THEY are doing – you lose your GOAL and you lose YOU, your UNIQUENESS.

One of THE best things you can do each day is to be YOU.
Think, talk, act and DO as YOU want to.
Because doing this repeatedly will not only increase your confidence, happiness and freedom, but you’ll resonate and draw closer people that you want, rather than the ‘pretend’ people.

Be you my friend.
Be YOU 🙂

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Where’s my Motivation?

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Something we all look for more of at some point,
but what is it and where does it come from?

First off we never lack motivation 
around something that is a priority to us.

Whether this is tuning in for Bake Off
despite not working out that day,
or possibly planning what tomorrow’s meal’s!

Going out to a football match with friends,
or meeting up at the pub with friends etc.

We’ll always do what we prioritise,
without any drain on the “motivation bank”

However, motivation is not something we 
get first, before doing something.

Yet, we’ll often sit and wait,
often telling others how we “lack motivation”
at the moment, almost waiting for that
“motivation fairy” to sparkle some dust onto us.

In effect Motivation comes and builds from 
taking action around what we’re putting off,
and doing it, then doing it again.

What we know we should do.

But how do we get started?

1) Chances are we’re stressing out, or overwhelmed
over what we need to do – so make it easier.

2) If it’s going for a run, say to yourself
“OK, I’ll just go upstairs and find my running clothes”

3) Once you’ve done that “OK, I’ll just get them on and pop 
out for 5 mins”

4) Chances are once you’re out, you’ve moved beyond that 
barrier of “no motivation” and 5 mins might turn into 20.

If it doesn’t, so what, you’ve already done more than
you would of previously, then you just build
these steps in again tomorrow or the next day.

As I keep saying small steps done often, will ALWAYS
move you forward, and cause you a lot less stress 
and overthinking about something to boot.

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When things are faster than Usain Bolt!

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“Damn! Life is taking over!”

“Life is so manic at the moment!”

“Life is so full on, I don’t have time for….”

“Things are crazy at the moment”

Heard this before?

Thing is, Life is Life.

It’s always moving, and at the same speed EVERY day.

It’s therefore NO different to yesterday,
last week, last month, last year.

The only thing that has changed is how you view it.

Think about this (if you want!)………..

Today will come and go whether you
decide to sit on the sofa and watch boxsets all day,
you decide to clean this house, go to the gym,
go shopping, finish some work projects,
book a holiday, run some errands etc

The time, the day, life, is exactly the same. It will come and go, as will tomorrow,

What will bring more control, are the DECISIONS you make.
Everything is a decision.

– A decision to read this message
– A decision to put the kettle on
– A decision to scan through Facebook
– A decision to do/not do something

When “life feels too fast” it’s the decisions which need to be addressed;

– What REALLY is a priority today?
– What would reduce the most stress if done?
– What would bring the most fulfilment if done?
– What will bring in the most money if done?
– What will take me a step closer to how I want to feel/look if done?

Address things that way, and then look to do just 3-5 a day; realising that “having more time” would not make things easier, as theres always things we COULD do, but it would just bring more frustration, overwhelm and concern.

There’s always things to do,
but there’s always a tomorrow
you are FINE just as you are — just so long as focus on priority tasks, and NOT everything!

Priorities MEAN something, ‘things to do’ don’t!

(P.S. This is why I’ve talked with my coaching clients about having a daily MUST DO list rather than a Todo List – One is essential, one is just a list of things on our mind!)

The moment you can slow down, and work just on priorities is the moment you’ll feel a weight lifted, and be back in control. (Sure, odd days throw a spanner in the works, but we’re talking the majority)

Thanks for reading and making it a Priority 😉

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Let me ask this

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Happy New Week!

So, stop for a second……..



“What’s gonna be different this week?”

If you’ve got that “Monday” feeling – WHY?

Again…..”What’s going to be different this week?”

– What needs to change?

– What do you need to do differently?

– What do you need to slow down and look at?

– What do you need to plan more of?

– What do you need to START doing?

– What’s the first step you can take RIGHT NOW?

– What are you putting off?

– Do you need some help with the above? (Drop me an emailand ask if so, 2 did last week, and this week WILL be better!)

And if you’re reading above thinking “Nothing”.

I don’t believe ya!
There’s always SOMETHING we can be improving,
just depends if it’s a priority to you right now?

++ And I’m not teaching you how to suck eggs, 
but if something didn’t work out before,
why should it be any different this week if nothing has changed? ++

You still here/reading?

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Fit in or Stand out?

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Another shot of reality in this article, especially as I have 2 sub-teenage girls.

I did a talk last week to a group of 11-14 year old boys around health, but one of the last points I made, was to “Not compare” with others, if they wanted to improve happiness, confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst it’s tough at that age, and socially they just want to “fit in” and doing what the others are doing etc, you remove some of your individual characteristics and traits that make you, YOU.

In life people will always move towards, resonate and want to spend more time with those they feel they “connect” with, and this comes down to individuality.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” = because you’ll always end up trying to match up to somebody else intentions or objectives, and in turn taking away that “special” spark that each one of us, and that makes us that individual from the next.

You only have to look on social media like YouTube, and those people who are the most ‘successful’ are doing nothing different to the thousands of others out there, but the one single difference is their own ‘individuality’ they bring or add – the ONE THING people can’t copy!

It’s OK to fit in – BUT it’s even better AND easier to do it as YOU!

What are your thoughts, dealings and conversations you’ve had personally or with your kids?


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