7 Ways to change up your workouts

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If your workouts are becoming a bit stale, here’s SEVEN ways to changeup your workouts and change the intensity ;
1) Add in a pause.
When you reach the ‘bottom’ of a movement, pause for 2-3 seconds. Pressup,overhead press, lunge or squat at the bottom position, weights machine, when the movement comes ‘into’ the body’.
2) Change the tempo.
If you’re used to ‘going through the motions’ of a repetition, change the speed.
Lower under control for 3-5seconds, pause for 1 then raise for2 seconds.
Lower under control for 3-5 seconds, pause for 1 then raise for 1 >>> THIS slow eccentric lowering and explosive rising is very effective and fatiguing!
3) Change the goal.
Usually work for repetitions?
Work for time, swap to 30, 45, 50 or 60 second round.
4) Try a drop set.
Effective when using weights. Perform and exercise until you fatigue and can’t do another ‘decent’ repetition.
Lower the weight by 1-2 plates or 3-5kg, and go again to fatigue. Then lower and go again. Do this for 3-4 continuous rounds. A muscle is built up of many different fibres, some stronger than others. Allow the weaker ones to fatigue then keep working to fatigue the stronger ones etc.
5) Overload the muscle your working.
Pick 2 exercises back to back working the same muscles but different movement to properly work/fatigue them.
So maybe Pressups into Dips.
Pulldowns into cable Rows.
Shoulder Press into Lateral Raises
Pressups into Overhead DB Extension
Jump Squats into Lunges
6) Superset.
This involves 2 exercises back to back, without a rest, then rest and repeat.
You can do this many ways.
One is like the above, picking 2 exercises to work the same muscle group.
Another is opposing muscles, so a pushing exercise into a pulling one (Pressups into Cable Rows etc)
Another is an upper body into lower body (This pushes the blood to the upper body then into the lower body, elevating the heart rate further)
7) Perform a Full Body Triset.
Without a break, perform an UPPER BODY exercise, into a LOWER body exercise (shifting blood up to down) then perform a FULL body heart raiser exercise. Rest and repeat for X rounds.
So Pressups, into Walking lunges into Burpees
Dips into Squats into Star Jumps
Shoulder Press into Step Ups into Squat Thrust
Change only occurs with Change!

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When you can’t be arsed

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You know those days when you ‘plan’ to workout,
but can’t really be arsed?!
Yeah, we all have them.
Occasionally aint an issue of course,
but if it happens often, it’s the same as food choices not being as ‘favourable’ often ……….
– Soon becomes a habit, mood drops, and slippery slope is slide!
So how can you get round this initial “CBA” syndrome?
Here’s what I do………
1) I’ll just start. I’ll turn up.
I’ve talked before about how motivation rarely slaps us round the face or pushes us to the start line.
It comes from momentum.
Momentum comes from starting, and then repeating often.
2) I’ll tell myself “Right I’ll do 5 mins”, or “I’ll do 1 round of these 4 exercises”, and then just start.
3) By starting small it not only get’s you starting physically, but mentally it’s not hugely challenging, it’s not that 45-60min workout of hideousness, sweat and/or discomfort!
4) At the end of the 5mins or the 1 round of 4 exercises, I’ll tell myself again…. “OK 5 more mins, or 1 more round” and go again.
If that really doesn’t work, and you pack up, no problem, you’ve still done more than you would have by not starting,
but more often than not, as you’re there, as you’ve started, you’re over that initial kick-start, and you WILL do 5 more mins or 1 more round.
5) Repeat again each 5mins or further round until either you’ve had enough, or you’ve done what was needed.
Whilst a simple process,
this ‘chunking’ takes something big, something uncomfortable, something challenging and makes it smaller, more achievable and manageable, both physically and mentally.
Just like losing weight – IF you focus on how much you have/want to lose,
you’ll often lose interest as it’s “TOO FAR away”,
but break it down into monthly or weekly targets,
and it’ll be more achievable, and likely challenge ‘motivation’ less.
Give it a try next time you have something that get’s you saying “Can’t be arsed” ……
– There’s ALWAYS Discomfort BEFORE Comfort
– STARTING is always the hardest part
– After is NEVER as bad as Before
– Chunking, and small steps are more achievable than BIG ones.

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So you wanna tone up for Summer?

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Those who want to ‘tone up’.
So ‘muscle tone’ actually translates to ‘muscles in a state of readiness’ – but I think most people’s personal definition is having good shape to maybe arms, legs or arse etc?!
Well, it’s possible …… but here’s where we lose a few readers……….. ????
To create ‘definition’ and get that shape you want,
you have GOT to do the work.
Like, challenge those muscles,
and do it again ….. often.
Whilst weightloss is fundamentally sorted by what you eat,
creating or sculpting muscles is mostly in the gym – and with commitment.
? Jogging, spinning or predominantly cardio aint gonna cut it.
? Lifting weights below 5kg ain’t gonna change your structure.
?A couple of sessions, classes, bootcamps a week really isn’t enough to create change.
? Definition only comes from providing an ‘overload stimulus’ to the muscles, that they feel the need to build up again, but stronger, and in effect bigger.
?Lift a challenging weight (safely) that allows 8-10 reps, aiming for 3-5 rounds or sets of. Like anything, the quicker you want results, the more often it needs to be, anything up to 5 times a week ……… I did say the work needs to be done!
?Choose exercises like Deadlifts, Pulldowns, Walking Lunges, Overhead Presses, Weighted squats, weighted Pulls/rows
?Add in 10-15mins of hard intervals 3-4 times a week
? Drink plenty of water, eat carbs just after workouts, plenty of lean protein and good fats
?Get good quality sleep in
I never said it would be easy! But if you want something, you’ll work for it, as the saying goes 🙂
No magic ???? ‘s in life.
Just planning, hard work and repetition.
???? Remember – There’s ALWAYS some level of DISCOMFORT before you experience the COMFORT.

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Shut the book or turn the page

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Do you need to close the book you’re ‘reading from’ ?

Maybe it’s around;
– Why you can’t lose weight at the moment?
– Why you can’t workout at the moment?
– Why you can’t go to bed earlier?
– Why you can’t not drink in the week?
– Why you can’t plan meals a day+ in advance?
– Why you can’t address some of the things NOT working currently?
– Why you can’t appreciate how well you’re doing, and stop beating yourself up?
– Why there is NO wagon, so if you have a few ‘off choices’ it doesn’t stop you improving those.

Most of the above, maybe even more,
are just stories you’re likely telling yourself …….. could even have been saying them for some time now that you actually believe them,
and find it easier to keep ‘reading the same page’ ?

But any time you want to turn the page,
close the book, and start a new one you can.

1. What needs to change, start or stop?
2. Whats the FIRST step to doing the above?
3. Do it, no matter how small.
4. Do it again, often.

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Do calories matter?

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Do calories matter?


‘That’ word which causes so much stress and frustration around weightloss.


Not sure which one causes the most emotional upheaval, “Calories” or “Scales” ?!!

Anyhow, do they matter?
For sure.
End of the day, we all need a certain amount to allow our body to function properly and healthily,
and if we eat too many consistently we’ll gain weight,
we reduce them (but not too far or our body goes into protection mode) and we lose weight.

Well, that’s the black and white version,
for those who don’t understand how much hormones impact this.

But, as we’re talking about calories …..

But the BIGGEST take away here,
is whilst calories matter,
the TYPE of calories we consume matter EVEN more for weightloss and health (insulin levels, blood glucose levels – the things which ACTUALLY cause weight gain and can lead to heart issues).

By this I mean Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat.
For example, if you ate 1500kcals of carbohydrates each day for a week and then you ate 1500kcals of protein each day
for a week, you would not only lose different amounts (more on the protein, but your body would react more beneficially to the latter with regards to health and function).

Food as HUGE knock on effects to hormones,
which control everything from body temperature,
mood, sleep, weight, skin/health conditions, immune system and so much more.

These are furhter reasons why I strongly recommend low/controlled carbohydrate eating plans,
on a regular basis for the majority of people – myself included.

If you’d like to learn more,
experience the benefits (mental and physical) of lower carbohydrate plans ……….. with a structured plan that WORKS here’s your chance —–> http://www.theweightlosstips.co.uk/4-week-fatloss/

P.S. It’s not a 1 plan fits all, as post 4 weeks there’s a continuation group to tailor things personally and make 2018 YOUR best for body and health
P.P.S – On plan we DON’T count calories either

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