10 Energy/Health Boosting Foods

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OK, pretty true, you are what you eat, and today with lot’s of people resorting to convenience or processed foods, body shapes are going the wrong way, as are energy levels.

Here are some foods you should incorporate into your diet each week for energy and vitality. Where “money possible” go Organic for these, and if pushed choose organic for those with a *

Almond Butter – Contains good fats, beneficial for hormone regulation. If your hormones are out of synch, nothing will work correctly.

Coconut Oil – Many people think coconut is high in fat. Well yes it, is, but fat does NOT make you FAT! Too many calories will do that. The fats in coconuts are Medium Chain Triglycerides, meaning they take longer to breakdown, keeping you fuller for longer and a great steady source of energy.

Fresh Salmon – Again high in omega oils, and contains anti inflammatory properties, which will reduce internal inflammation in the body through poor eating, illness and injuries.

* Spinach and other green Veg – Crucial to a healthy diet. They contain so many vitamins and minerals, including more vitamin C and calcium that you would imagine. Also critical for helping your body stay in an alkaline state (where it functions best) and for ridding excess estrogen that encourages fat storage on the waist and hips for women.

* All Berries – rich in antioxidants that help repair cell damage in the body caused every day through stress, eating patterns and pollutants.

Oatcakes – a great slow releasing snack option, add the almond butter or hummous and there’s a between meal snack.

Raw vegetables – like the above a great snack. They are high in fibre meaning you will stay fuller for longer, but low in calories. Take a pot of hummous and dip it in!

Avocado – like coconut above, high in fats, but fats the body can use. An addition to any salad, or smoothie – try it!!

Green Tea – full of antioxidants, some caffeine to give you that pickup, but so much better than coffee and standard tea. Buy leaves over teabags, and you WILL notice the difference!

*Eggs – a great source of protein, and can be served in various ways. (Free Range at a minimum) Don’t believe the rubbish that they will give you high bad cholesterol!

Got any others you use on a daily weekly basis?!

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