10 Reasons Why Your Wasting Workout Time

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A bit lighthearted – thought I’d list 10 reasons why you might be wasting your time with your workouts.

How many apply to you?!!


1) You worry about finding your matching top to the bottoms you’re wearing before training. 

Just get on, sweat it up and wear whatever, it’s not a fashion parade!

2) You finish the workout looking pretty much the same as you did when you arrived.

If you’re worries about sweating or spoiling your makeup…. you’re not ready to workout.

3) You know your workout off by heart, because it’s the same thing/order you’ve been doing the last few months

Workouts need to stimulate the body, doing the same thing each time is likely to dull the body!

4) Your worried because your heart rate keeps creeping outside the “Fat Burning Zone”

Big deal! This zone will burn fat, but intensity is so low you need to work out for a long time to burna  noticeable amount. Just workout hard, get the heart rate up and you’ll burn plenty of calories, during and after the workout! “Fat Burning Zone” sucks!

5) You stop an exercise because the instructor or magazine said to stop at 15 reps.

Don’t count reps for the sake of it. If you’re working to reps pick something that you are struggling between 10 and 12 reps, and couldnt do another with “good form” – alternatively work for a time period like 30 secs and have an audible timer like a gymboss. Again you need to work with intensity – don’t stop because you reached a number, unless you are actually challenging yourself.

6) You workouts come from a magazine 

Too many guys read Muscle and Fiction and take the latest (Big Arms) workout, or women take a Mary-Fairy workout from a girlie mag that promises to sculpt and firm that ass! They generalise and don’t specialise…get a proper programme written for you or ask a PT with proven results for advice.

7) Your favourite exercises are all sat down – Probably leg abductor and adductor etc etc

These machines were designed for bodybuilders – they’re not functional in that they move in a fixed range of motion, totally unlike day to day movements. Plus you’ve probably been sat on your butt most of the day? The idea of calorie/fat burning is too use as many muscles as possible?! Then getup and move!!

8 ) A 45min burst on the Xtrainer is needed.

No it isnt. A machine to this day, I cant think of one benefit. Take a look around does anyone actually move like they are designed to?  Plus if you can do 45mins on there and then move off to some other kit, you havent worked hard enough!!

9) You look the same as you did 12 weeks ago.

Yup face it the workouts your doing suck, as does your nutrition….FACT. Change it.

10) You won’t lift too heavy weights coz you bulk up easy (women).

I don’t think so. Testosterone, super heavy weights 5 times a week, lots of calories and the right intake will maybe bulk you up. Lifting a weight that gets challenging around 10 reps for 4 sets will not.

YOU HAVE TO lift challenging weights for a muscle to change. You want lean arms, legs, butt and waist? Lift heavy weights…Deadlift, Chinup, Bench Press, Row, Pressup, Lunge, Clean, Kettlebell.

All of these will give you a good figure…. as long as your nutrition is good.


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