When there’s a dark cloud overhead

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Having spoken to a LOT of people,
via my MindFit Coaching,
I initially ask;

“So what’s your biggest frustration, overwhelm or Dark cloud that’s sitting over you?”

Sometimes it’s one thing,
sometimes it’s a number of things,
but whatever it is, it’s often controlling
that person’s thoughts, happiness, work, relationships
and enjoyment of day to day life.

My next question is often;
“How long has this been an issue/affecting you?”

Rarely is it a few days or weeks.

Those time periods we either find ways round,
or don’t tend to talk about it/look at it as an issue.

For some it’s months,
some it’s years.

It’s literally taken over and become a habit.

Like a big set of iron gates, that have closed
and you only see/deal with what’s in front
of you.

To imagine there’s a better option,
a different way to do things,
even time for yourself, and some “fun”
is often laughed at.
Those gates are shut, and you only see what’s around you.

This is why having someone from “outside”
ask some logical questions,
bring some empathy and support
into the space can be enlightening.

Yesterday I spoke to someone who was
around “8 out of 10 on the overwhelm” scale…. pretty heavy.

Within the space of 3 mins, I showed her,
her own picture (described by her) of what a 5 out of 10
looked and felt like to her.
This wasn’t me suggesting anything, or painting a “fake picture”,
this was me asking questions, and her
giving me the definition/picture.

?It suddenly showed there was another way,
another way to feel and operate,
like a massive weight had been lifted.

This is the power of having someone/me
put you back into your logical brain (with overwhelm/stress/frustration you are out of it)
and bring logical plans and thoughts
into REAL everyday life.

It shows changes can happen.
and permanently.

This message might not relate to everyone,
but as we all have feelings, emotions and thoughts,
I think it will strike a chord with the majority.

Am here if you need that hand, just push the fear/apprehension
to one side and ask ……………. 🙂


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