How to get EVERYTHING done

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Think about this one for a few seconds.

Think about how your morning was.

Think about your afternoon ‘priorities’.

Think about how you may operate on a weekly basis.

Think about how ‘life’ is.

1) Find yourself chasing your tail?
No real Direction, dealing with things as they happen, or when needed? Feel like ‘everything’ is a priority, and it’s just a ‘I need more hours in a day’
Go to bed often, with a head fully active, and stopping you from sleeping


2) Have a priority list each day, which is accomplished before accepting or talking other tasks.
Have a list of things which re-occur each week and are efficient in planning and completing them.
Sleep well each night, and wake knowing what’s a priority for the day ahead, as it was written down last night.
Sure, it doesn’t go to plan (2) all the time – but you know if you are, because you’ll feel confident, happier, and fulfilled, and ‘in control’ more often.

Are you a 1 or a 2 on a regular basis?
There’s no shame in being a 1, means you’ve taken the first steps to DEFINING your priorities.

No-one is busy – – it’s ALL about priorities

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