19DayBody results and thoughts

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So this weekend, saw the finish of the first 19DayBody (version 2) in 2013. There were some awesome results again, just like those who did them last year!

If you want to have a read of the thoughts from someone who took part, and did superbly well click here to read her blog on the journey.



This plan isn’t just about losing fat, it’s about health, mindset and learning for the future.

Some other quotes;

“The 19DayBody v2 Programme by Mark has been a huge for me. I have followed many of Mark’s programmes and had been waiting for the right opportunity to complete this; over Christmas and New Year as you do I enjoyed myself and I wanted to start the year back to full fitness so I thought it was a great time to do it knowing I had nothing else to distract me. I knew the programme would be tough to get the results in a short space and it definately was that. However I feel great for doing it, my energy levels are through the roof and I feel much stronger both physically and mentally!! But to get to that finish line and compelte the 19 Days was a huge achievement and suprisingly I did enjoy the programme!! It gave me a lot to think about in terms of nutrition and exercise which I can now use going forward. I definately will be incorporating some of the things I have done into normal life. These are tools to take for life, NOT some fad diet!! After the 19 days the results were amazing, I lost over half a stone and 18cms from my measurements!! So chuffed with my progress!! For anyone considering definately get on it, the challenge alone is great let along what you can actually acheive in such a short time!! Also the support of the other participants and Mark really helped me keep focused and work hard. Thank you Mark for all your time and advice!!!”


“Thanks Mark!

It was tough mentally and physically!
So glad I took up the plan tho! Apart from getting fitter with those workouts that I will work into training programme for hopefully beating this years PB on some races I’ve planned. The big one for me was being pain free from endometriosis for the first time in ages. It’s quite wide spread and on my kidneys. So when I run it hurts like hell. Well not this month Mark. Looking forward to starting transition on Mon and hearing what changes after looking at my pics are the best way forward!
Thanks Mark for a the kick start I’ve needed for along time!”


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