2 Post Xmas Fat Loss Fails

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Fresh into the New Year,
and I’m already hearing/reading about
“diets” people are going on via chit chat and Facebook!

Surely, “going on” something,
means you’ll be “coming off” it again at some point,
a bit like “going on a train journey” –
why not find something that is sustainable,
manageable, and can fit into
your lifestyle rather than jump
from one quick fix to the next?!
The latest 2 that seem to be the flavour (still)
is juicing and 5:2 Fast Diet.
Here’s why I wouldn’t bother;

1) Juicing – Juicing leaves you just the juice
taking out all the fibre, which slows the digestion
rate down – this does mean that it’s digested quicker,
giving a sugar spike. It’s ok as a snack or alongside a meal,
but not great often or as a meal replacement.
Raising blood sugar levels quickly,
is the quickest way to get fat.
Smoothies keep everything in via a blender/nutribullet
are so much better for you,
and can be used as a meal replacement
as long as you have a balance of carbs, protein and good fats in it.

2) 5:2 diet is abused too much. Over Xmas
your sugar levels have rocketed right?
?Well, dropping calories as low as 500
does the complete opposite to blood sugar levels,
which will definitely screw up hormones, resulting
in low energy levels an possibly insulin/thyroid issues
if done long enough.
To then have “free reign” on 5 other days is
just gonna ride the Insulin/Blood Sugar wave
causing energy peaks and drops, and push
your body further into fat storage mode.

We’ve currently got over 50 people
eating 3 meals a day, working out
for no longer than 15minutes a day,
and they’ll all be feeling and looking GREAT
in just 21 days……..and after!

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