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Plastics, Pesticides and illness

September 30, 2011

Lovely title eh?! Perfect for a Friday! However, there’s plenty of health damage going on for most people every day, which can certainly be cut back on. There is a WHOLE list of toxins, and formats they come in – many damaging our internal organs, our cells, and therefore our skin and health, and our […]

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Fat Burning Foods

September 23, 2011

Everyone is looking for that little edge to burn a bit more fat, get them ripped, show off the abs. It’s a long and steady journey people – there are NO quick fixes, and certainly none that are healthy. BUT, lots of things work better than others, so here’s some to incorporate into your daily […]

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Eat Fat to get lean!

September 21, 2011

I know some people are already thinking I’m a little crazy….. but not ALL fat is bad, in fact some are essential for health, body composition and fat loss. Our bodies need fat to function properly that’s why they’ve been designed to store fat so easily. You must eat the right fats though! Fat is: […]

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September 20, 2011

Cellulite – the bain of many women’s lives, and often a pain in the ass….. (Couldnt help the pun!)   So what is it and how can you stop, or remove it?! As always, it’s going to come down to dietary, but also hormonal changes.   Cellulite is nothing special, but the way most cosmetic […]

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Breakfast Smoothie – Better Breakfast Ideas!

September 16, 2011

When you mention the word smoothie, most people think straight away of fruit smoothies.   While most think fruit smoothies are a “healthy option” in reality they aren’t. Most people consume too many carbs as it is, leading to additional weight gain, sluggishness and insulin issues. When there is no fibre (the skin) involved such […]

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