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July 30, 2012

Over the last 2 posts, we talked about the plan behind achieving things, and not failing again/bailing out – so finding the REAL reason why you want to achieve something. Once you have the WHY, you can workout the WHAT you are going to achieve, so the specifics and when you will achieve them by. […]

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Why, into WHAT?!

July 20, 2012

In the last post we covered the essentials of YOUR “WHY?” and without this underlying reason for doing something, you’ll simply lack the willpower and motivation to get through challenging times, or a the REAL driving force for succeeding long term.   Hopefully you’ve thought long and hard about your “Why?” for doing things. Remember […]

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What is your WHY?!

July 16, 2012

An open question, a simple word, but one that is probably the most powerful, if you really want to set a target that will make a difference to YOU. When most people decide they want to do something, they have a pretty rough idea, varying from blatant hope, to a properly structured idea and goal. […]

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Sleep, the importance of it, and the timing!

July 12, 2012

Seeing as though about 1/3 of our day is spent asleep, there’s probably good reason to make it “worthwhile”. Sleep is literally when our bodies “shut down”, repair, recover, reheal and regenerate – that’s a lot of R’s!   During the day our body is constantly working, via the digestive system, blood flow, waste removal, […]

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Lactate Running Training

July 10, 2012

Those that follow me on twitter or on here may know I’ve decided to get back into Duathlons this Autumn/Winter after a 6 years break from them!!   In actual fact, I hadn’t ridden my bike, or run anything past about 1.5miles before April this year in quite a while. I knew starting again, as […]

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