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Reducing love handles

March 12, 2015

(So!) You wanna reduce the love handles? The little rolls on your hips. Guess what, exercise alone ain’t gonna shift it. Fat accumulation on the hips is often down to the amount of carbohydratesyou consumed. By consuming less sugary foods, orsupplementing with some of the ideas below,you will be restricting not only the amountof sugar […]

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BEST Stomach exercise

March 10, 2015

I get asked a lot of questions on health, fitness and diet. I like this….. – show’s people are interested, and¬†wanna change. Well – that is, most do. Some just want to hear the answer they are already planning in their head, and if it’s not the same, they’ll nod, maybe try and verbally work […]

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3 ways to a better week

March 9, 2015

so, here’s 3 things to make this week better than last;   Actually your first way is to click here and get my MASSIVE FREE Ebook!   1)¬†Look for the solution. When a problem/issue/barrier comes up, don’t dwell on it – look for a solution. Why inflate the issue further, either physically or in your […]

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Just TOO Busy

March 4, 2015

Ever had those days, maybe they happen most days, where you have a list of things to do, but never get them done?! Feel like you’re chasing your tail? Sometimes you get up earlier to get more done, but still find you’ve got stuff left over? There’s a difference between being Busy and being Productive. […]

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So WHAT happened?!

March 3, 2015

So, as kids, or those of you who have them, we’re (or we tell them) told ;   – They/You can be anything they/you want.   – Nothing is impossible if they/you want it.   – Work hard enough, and you can do/get what you want.   – Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. […]

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