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Depends how you look at things

February 24, 2016

Ever considered “re-framing” your thoughts? There was a study carried out on medal winners at past Olympic games. Those who won Gold were obviously energised, proud and a sense of fulfilment. You’d expect those who got Silver to be pretty pleased also, and those with Bronze to be happy, but wondering “What if….” right? Wrong. […]

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Put up or Question it

February 23, 2016

So I’ve said before our feelings and emotions from daily happenings affect our thoughts. Everything around us triggers emotions and feelings. With these thoughts (which dictate our actions) we have 2 choices;   1) Believe those thoughts 2) Question/Challenge those thoughts   What do I mean by this? Take a concern or something that’s worrying […]

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Why wishing won’t get you anywhere

February 10, 2016

“I wish I could……” Is a phrase often used, many times without logical thought on whether the person could actually do what they are wishing for. (Often finishes with a “but…..” !) “Make a wish…” Is a phrase used for children on blowing out candles. But is that “wish” ever followed up or a plan […]

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Do you need to be 100mph?

February 4, 2016

Had a client this morning who admitted she finds it hard to relax. Hard to shutdown for a period of time, and just switch off from everything, and providing. This is crucial to not just wellbeing and stress levels, but also for the ability to control your emotions. See if you operate, maybe you do, […]

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Are you operating like a puncture?

February 3, 2016

Self honesty post! How many of you would like to, or be brave enough to say; “I don’t need a magical / the best nutrition plan out there – ‘sheeeeet’ I don’t even need a “set plan” …………. I just need to be organised/plan my food more often” ?! Feel free to let me know […]

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