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Big Mistake – Trying too much

March 21, 2017

Why, when you’re trying to improve something, change something or create a new habit, going ‘big’ isn’t advisable

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Why you DON’T need motivation to change

March 15, 2017

My ‘big mistakes’ around improvement – in this one why you don’t need motivation to start, things don’t get ‘delivered’ to you, and why the ‘perfect moment’ doesn’t exist    

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Errr – No thanks

March 13, 2017

Considered coming from a place of “No Thanks” today? Here’s why it could help you out…. As humans, we’re ‘wired’ neurologically, to care. See, one of the 5 main ‘subjects’ which can cause us stress or anxiety is when our ‘social standing’ is challenged. – To ‘worry about what people think’ – To be social […]

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Placebo effect?!

March 3, 2017

How many times have you heard the phrase; “I don’t reckon it does anything – it’s the placebo effect”!   The placebo effect – basically believing something is helping, improving or benefiting you, when in reality there’s no physical substance or input from the ‘source’.   – Who gives a shit?!   I’m a massive […]

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