21 Day Body Blitz

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“Results NOT Resolutions” round – 2nd January 2019 – OPEN!


  • Fed up dieting?

  • “Know what you should be doing” around food and exercise for weight loss, but it’s not happening?

  • Fancy some ‘hand holding’ through Food and Workouts to get back on track.

  • A plan to ‘fit in’ with the family and your lifestyle, NOT one that puts it all on hold!

Then invest just 21 Days with me, and I’ll transform how you’re feeling, looking and operating on a daily basis!

After just TEN DAYS;

Everyone has their OWN reasons for improvement,
and most times,
we’ll achieve more when we have accountability and a helpful support group …… alongside a decent plan!

“K” wanted to shift some post baby weight, and get back to ‘better food habits whilst reducing sugar intake’ ….. half a stone lighter, 3 inches from the waist, 2 from the hips and 1 from the arm meant clothes were fitting better, and she achieved her objectives!


‘Post baby eating habits and choices had been heavily sugar/carbohydrate dependant. This plan helped to bring NEW habits, routines and changes, resulting in 12lbs lost in just 21 days!” – J.


My Plan helps you Look AND Feel Better/younger!


This plan operates from fundamentals I live by – making things simple and sustainable, to allow long term learning and results, alongside;

A structured meal plan each week,

and ‘Follow me’ workouts  – load me up on your phone, and workout alongside me

I’m both your timer, motivator, and ‘sweat partner’ ……. literally !!


With many evening meals ready to the table in less than 30mins,

and all family friendly, workouts lasting between 12 and 21 mins,

this is a plan that ‘fits you’,

as opposed to isolating you!


Come aboard and signup now, and I’ll see you there, to help create possibly the BEST version of you 🙂




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