21 Day Body Blitz

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Current round underway; Next round starts 9th July !


  • Fed up dieting?

  • Fed up not feeling in control of food, exercise, and you weight?

  • Fancy some ‘hand holding’ through Food and Workouts to get back on track.

  • Fancy some tips to help with daily planning and tasks, to feel achievement rather than tail chasing?

Then invest just 21 Days with me, and I’ll transform how you’re feeling, looking and operating on a daily basis!


My previous Look Great Feel Great in 21 Days plan ran for 5 years and helped hundreds of people get back in control, with some losing over a stone and multiple clothing sizes!

This new plan operates from the same ‘basics and fundamentals’ around food and exercise,

but takes things up a level with structured meal plans each week,

and ‘Follow me’ workouts  – load me up on your phone, and workout alongside me –

I’m both your timer, motivator, and ‘sweat partner’ ……. literally !!


With many evening meals ready to the table in less than 30mins,

and all family friendly, workouts lasting between 12 and 21 mins,

this is a plan that ‘fits you’,

as opposed to isolating you!

Feel 21 days isn’t long enough?
1) Check the tab at the top for Look Great Feel Great and past results

2) There’s a SECOND 21 day plan following this (optional) which is designed to sculpt and shape your body further! No temporary fixes here!

Come aboard and signup now, and I’ll see you there, to help create possibly the BEST version of you 🙂




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