3 Reasons Why It Might Not Be Happening

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1) You’re not sleeping enough/well enough

Quality and length of sleep IS important.
It’s our bodies chance to shutoff from a day
of “manic happenings” and restore balance
hormonally. (A complicated subject) but your
hormones control everything from daily
energy, fat loss, stress and hunger – so
pretty crucial!)

Those with young children know how much
regular interrupted sleep can affect most of
the above!

So if you’re outside “kiddy wake up” you need
to address sleep if you want to improve body
and health.

2) The Wrong Breakfast

Starting the day with
cereal, toast an/or fruit juice (even fruit
to a degree) – the “traditional marketers
breakfast” ruins daily energy and the
waistline – WHY?

Well, in short these foods contain minimal
nutrients, and high levels of sugar. First
thing in the morning your body wakes from
Number 1, your blood sugar levels are
naturally low. Theese “foods” are digested
quickly, giving you a “shot” of energy, but
nothing sustainable (Energy nor nutrients)
and you’ll be hungry within a couple of
hours. Also, Insulin (a fat storing hormone
released when you eat carbs) is elevated and
therefore your fat burning hormones are shut

Opt for more of the breakfasts on the
attached list

3) You’re stressing too much (and not DOING anything about it!)

Stress, is a killer for health and fat loss.
You’ve likely heard me talk enough about it.

We stress over work, family, ourselves, the
red traffic lights on way to work, the
journey to work, our colleagues, our lack of
results/bodies, our friends Facebook posts,
the weather, our lack of sleep (!)

It’s endless………. – all of this elevates cortisol
and adrenaline levels. Our body can deal with
this in small amounts, but total up the above
(and more) and your body goes into exhaustion
mode – this then unbalances other hormones
(see paragraph 1) and will then slow down
energy levels and body changes.

Moaning about, or just adding your stress
levels is madness. Most of our stressors are
just thoughts of our own mind
-What if’s
– Could that
– I wonder,
– I don’t think…..

Write down everything on your mind (first
step to calm the mind) Start TAKING ACTION on
some of the important ones;
– Change routines
– Call speak to someone
– Make changes to habits not working
– Address the issues!

After all these are YOUR thoughts! Nobody is
going to drag them out of your MIND and start
working on them for you?!

All of the above (and more)

are things I aim to improve with both my PT Clients

and my 60 Day Online Coaching Clients

as they are crucial for health and success.

It’s a LOT easier to correct the above when someone

points it out, and then shoulders some of the burden

in helping you reduce/remove them right?!

Worth a thought……………..but then worth TAKING ACTION!

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