3 things you may not know….

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1) Monosodium Glutamate or MSG – Is a flavour

“enhancer” in a lot of crisps and foods. Eaten often, can knacker

your hormonal balance, leading to poor health/weight gain.

They are in Doritos and Pringles to name a couple. That’s the

reason that “once you pop you can’t stop” – it’s an addictive artificial

ingredient. Yuk.

2) Banana’s are one of the more sugary fruits – great for energy/recovery

pre-post exercise, otherwise I’d limit them.

The more green they are the less their

initial sugar content, the more yellow/brown

the riper and therefore quicker the release of sugar!

3) Coconut oil – MAGIC stuff – contains Lauric Acid

which is antibacterial and viral,

so will benefit your immune system. Cook with it or even

add to your dogs food, or rub into your scalp (and wash obvs!)

to get super shiny hair – will benefit pet’s hair/fur too through digestion.

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