3 ways to a better week

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so, here’s 3 things to make this week better

than last;


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1) Look for the solution.

When a problem/issue/barrier comes up,

don’t dwell on it – look for a solution.

Why inflate the issue further, either

physically or in your mind, by

playing it into a bigger demon, or

letting your thoughts increase it.

Accept it, and look for a solution/way around it.


2) Plan! 

Without a plan, well you’re either hoping, or leaving things

to chance?

Plan your meals, plan your day,

plan as much as you can – and make sure you

write it down! A plan in the head is an idea,

a plan on paper is an Action List!


3) Spend less time on Facebook/Social Media!

Apart from my 21 Day plan of course,

which is run in a closed group on FB!

You’ve seen so many peoples statuses, or comments,

plenty “live” on Facebook, or live their lives through it!

It’s the quickest way to waste 15mins,

scrolling through your timeline, replying/commenting,

getting drawn into “arguments”,

reading something that ignites something

in your emotional side of the brain,

and suddenly you have a “self doubt”

or thought that eats away/stresses you out!

Set yourself 5 mins twice a day

this week, when you’ll look/post,

then see how much more you get done!

Always love hearing from people

who say they don’t have time for

“this and that” – but they’re members of 15

Facebook groups, and often the

ones commenting on the latest

post or picture!

Up to you of course,

and don’t take offence – they’re only offerings

to “get more done” ……. if you want to…..!!

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