4 of the best for the legs

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Wanting to improve leg and butt shape/strength?

4 of my best ‘no equipment’ needed exercises for this;

1) Sprints. Jogging is great for health and peace of mind, but if you always ‘jog’ your body will become accustomed and ‘efficient’ both in calorie use and muscle use.
Look to add in some short sprints and recovery sections, specific sprint sessions, or add some incline/hill runs in to REALLY use legs and butt.

2) Stepups. And not using one of those reebok shin high steps, something about knee height. Keep your standing/trailing leg close to the step and drive UP through the stepping heel

3) Bulgarian Lunges. Like a normal lunge, or split squat, but your back foot is elevated. This places a LOT more work through the front leg and bum muscles.

4) Walking lunges. Keep upper body upright, stride long, dropping the back knee, and drive up through the front heel for maximum use/benefit. Can hold weights by the side to increase intensity.

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