4 Week FatLoss

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* 4 Week FatLoss *

Better Energy, Mental Clarity and Waistline!

* Next round starts 2nd Feb 2018 *


* Find what you used to do for weightloss doesn’t work as well?
* Hormones starting to affect how you feel, sleep and look?
* Fed up with energy levels all over the place?
* Want to reduce the stomach and love handles?
* Reducing calories/portions to lose weight, but tired & lost?
* Need to get a grip on carb cravings, sugar, alcohol?


Then my new plan is for YOU!

I’m going to take you through something different.
Not different as in hard, different as in quashing all the past “You can’t eat that” or “But that’s bad for you” etc kind of words, and changing the stuff that has given minimal results!
We’re not ALL about Fat Loss …….

Around a week you’ll be laughing.
Laughing at how full you feel while eating less.
Laughing at how much energy and focus you have.
Laughing at the foods you possibly once avoided are now staples.
Laughing at what and how you did things previously for fatloss,
now you understand how the body and it’s hormones work.

Weight and Health ISN’T about calories, it’s about hormones and how foods affect those. (Hence what you used to do not working now!)

You’ll transform not just your body, and how you view foods, but also your knowledge around what works for YOU and HOW/WHY.

This isn’t designed like some of those plans where you’re ‘on it, then off’ – I’ve created this as an improved way to eat and live, hence having a continuation group post 4 weeks.

Ready to ditch what hasn’t been working,
and move to something that does?

This could be something that improves your health and outlook massively from 40yrs onwards ……..

PLUS – This isn’t just a quick fix plan, there’s an optional ‘continuation group’ after the 4 weeks to continue improving and Looking/Feeling GREAT!

You’ll need;
Р3 products totalling around £10
– Ideally some weights/dumbells (will supply a cheap link)
– To be able to eat Meat, Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Avocado (at least 3 of)
– The mindset that you’re here to IMPROVE and CHANGE

Change NOW

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