5 MUST have things

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Firstly, there are NO magic pills, foods, supplements etc.

Success in any format; business, health, fitness etc,

is about doing the right things regularly – remember those habits and routines I keep bleating about?!
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1) Quinoa – Pronounced (Keen-wa) – We know that wheat products like pasta, couscous when eaten regularly don’t work for many people, due to the gluten affecting the digestive system, causing bloating, wind etc. Quinoa is actually a seed, so higher in protein and better for you. A bit plain by itself, but add in a stock cube, some olive oil, chilli flakes, pomegranate seeds and feta, and you have a great side dish!  

2) Coconut Oil – EVERYONE should cook with coconut oil. It doesn’t burn at high temperature which olive oil does, and it has SO many health benefits. You can also use if on dry skin/scalp as a moisturiser. Supermarkets or online and will last ages. We use it daily in my Look Great Feel Great in 21 day plan – tells you something 😉  

3) Watercress / Broccoli – OK, technically 2 things, but both are FULL of nutrients the body can use, but when consumed regularly can actually help (alongside a good diet) in losing fat from your hips, bum and thighs due to it’s properties which remove excess oestrogen’s (these promote excess fat on these areas) – Also has the same vitamin C per weight as oranges.  

4) Free Range Eggs – a “complete” source of protein and full of vitamins. Eat the yolk too, forget all that cr^p about being bad for cholesterol,  – poached, boiled, scrambled, omelette, add plenty of things to it for variation. Ensure you rotate the brand, and don’t buy caged/value ones is you want benefits.  

5) Steamer – I’d steam as many vegetables as possible. Yes it might take longer, but boiling veg removes around 70% of it’s nutrients, and microwaving around 80%.Steaming keeps some crunch and all the benefits, which is why we eat them!   Sorted! There’s 5 things to integrate into your week, or continue doing.

Want more top tips?!

I’ll show you how to DROP FAT, improve ENERGY, and TONE UP (and add some laughs with my Enterain-mails!) Click here

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