5 Random But Real Tips

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5 Random BUT Real Tips

1. GET UP and go to bed same time of day
as often as possible – work to routine and set your body clock to work with/for you

2. KEEP hitting Snooze? Put your alarm across the room
– you have to get up, then more likely to stay up

3. DITCH fruit juice – another ‘breakfast staple’
but its liquid sugar – natural yes, but sugars all the same.
Great for energy crashes and fat storage.

4. WORKOUT a minimum 3 times a week.
Working out has massive Mind, Energy, and body benefits
(not just aesthetic) forget the stereotypical hour workouts,
4-5 x 15min seasons a week will yield better overall results than 1-2 45/60min sessions

5. HAVE a maximum of 3 MUST DO items on your daily to do list.
Get these DONE first before ANYTHING else.
Spread yourself thinly, you don’t get much done.
Think EVERYTHING is important – you won’t get much done,
but you WILL inflate your overwhelm/frustration levels.

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