5 reasons why your results might be lagging

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Short and simple;


# 1 – You get your workouts and nutrition advice from Gossip/Muscle mags! — Waste of time and resource!


#2 – You find yourself saying everything in moderation most days — often those who want to follow diets which still allow you to eat crap without justification!


# 3 – You are running or using the cross trainer more often than bodyweight or resistance exercises — this will just make you “Skinny Fat” or someone who looks skinny, but has no body shape or lean muscle and therefore actually has a higher body fat %


#4 – You’re eating food out of packets everyday that looks nothing like the broken down ingredients — Our bodies are living things with real, working components! Feed it what it can use!


#5 – You listen to friends for advice on nutrition & exercise and change your plan every week. — Plenty of us have those “expert” friends who got most of their info from #1 above! Everyone is different, because something “works” for one person doesn’t mean it will work for others! Forget other people – work and stick to your own game plan!

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