5 Thing to Quit

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5 BIG social factors or emotions that cause Disconnect and Overwhelm.

1. It’s impossible. Best advice is to be YOU.

You are individual and those who you resonate with, will be the ones who matter.

2. The Brain doesn’t like change. It likes habit and routine,
yet change is how we adapt, improve and live.
Just because is new and you haven’t done it before,
there’s no reason to FEAR it. We always know after it want as bad!

3. The past is what happened and the future
gets sculpted by what you do now.
NOW is the only time to work and think in. Learn from the past but don’t live in it.

4. If we don’t love ourselves how can we
expect others too? Doing it repeatedly is a
sure way to tell your brain you don’t trust its
judgment and you’ll live via your emotional/threat based brain

5. Ive said before- sea in Data NOT Drama,
what you KNOW to be true. Writing thoughts or options
down can help as you then look at them logically
rather than them just sitting as thoughts.

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