5 Tips For Fat Loss

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Probably need a longer list to get everything down, but here’s 5 important ones for regular, continued results.

1) Ditch Sugar – Sugar is the biggest problem for health and fat loss. Made up of single molecules of sugar (all carbohydrates are made from sugar, just more tightly bunched, so digested slower) they take little work to get into our blood stream, “spiking” blood sugar levels and causing a release of Insulin, a storage hormone in our bodies. For starters, when insulin is in use, fat burning is switched off. Balanced blood sugar levels are crucial for weight maintenance. Therefore eating lower sugar foods, vegetables, proteins (meats, fish, eggs) and good fats like nuts, avocado will help do this.


2) Enough Quality Sleep. We live in a world of stimulants and stress! From alcohol, to coffee, to work, life, TV stress etc. All of these things put pressure on our body and it’s hormones. When hormones are out of balance the body doesn’t function well, and so healthy and fat loss are affected. When you sleep/rest, is when your body repairs, re-balances and gets to work on the stressors (even exercise) of the day. Hitting the sack late (post 11pm) breaks the natural sleep patterns/rhythm of the body. Growth hormone is released in everyone a few hours into deep sleep – this stuff is crucial for all the benefits of above. If you’re sleep is broken, then so is the release and repair process. Waking between 2-4am regularly is a sign of liver toxicity, as this is when the liver detoxifies itself. Think of your liver as a converter of everything you eat and drink. It’s crucial again for health and fat loss as a toxic liver will not remove toxins, deliver crucial nutrients around the body, and will affect hormone balancing. Search in the box at the top of this page for “Liver Detox” for ways to rectify this.


Better sleep can be had through relaxing the body leading up to bedtime (not watching TV/computer work and then hitting the sack due to stimulus to the eyes/brain) try magnesium, valerian tea, 5-HTP, Zinc – all are great for sleep improvement.



3) A decent/balanced breakfast – overnight your body has repaired. Liver glycogen is low (stored energy) as are your blood sugar levels. What you eat first thing will determine your mornings energy/mood and effectiveness. Hit the boxed/processed cereals (see 1 above!) and you’ll spike blood sugar levels and energy, and then crash again a few hours later, requiring another stimulant or sugar fix. Feed the body what it needs – natural foods like meat, eggs etc the majority of the time and you’ll certainly notice the difference – Again search above for “Protein Pancakes” and try these bad boys!


4) Pre-plan your weeks food and workouts – Planning is crucial. If you don’t plan something, anything you’re hoping, and leaving things to chance. Have a think of the things in life, personally or at work that you “plan” – why? Because they are important and need attention? Equally, so should your food and workouts, if you’re serious about getting regular consistent results.

There really is nothing worse than a few GREAT steps forward and then half a dozen back, physically and mentally because you’ve fallen off the wagon.

Plan main meals for the week, and snacks.

Shop for those.

Plan and prepare snacks the night before.

Decide what you’re doing workout wise and put it in your calendar like an appointment.

Fail to prepare, Prepare to Fail!

5) Accountability – I think a key one here. Why do most people, maybe yourself fall off the wagon the majority of the times? If you’re honest I think it’s through determination and accountability. If it’s just you working day every day towards your target (I’m hoping you’ve set one by the way!!) it can get hard, BLOODY hard to stay on track. What with work, life, family, relationships, energy vampires (people that are always trying to knock your efforts, feed you off course etc) Doing this or anything by yourself takes a lot of physical and mental effort, and only a select few are strong enough to stay strong no matter what is thrown at them.

This is nothing to be ashamed of if you’re in the majority. Everyone needs help and support at some point.

Therefore do EVERYTHING you can do be accountable for your actions. Examples are creating a food diary and logging everything you eat and drink.

Deciding when you’re going to have a cheat meal or alcohol so you’re not always restricting yourself, or always going off the rails!

Find like minded people to exercise with, to share targets and motivation with.

There are great areas/people on twitter ¬†etc for advice, equally I have my own Fat Loss & Fitness forum here which is free to join, over 1200 members and is geared towards this. I really don’t mind helping people, if they are willing to help themselves. Our TribeFit group is the point of this, motivating, talking with each other to keep the important things in the forefront of the mind, not tucked away at the back as a side-project.


If you want something…..go plan…..go do!!


Good Luck!

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