8 min Fat Loss GH Workout?!

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This afternoon I chose maybe the hottest afternoon possible for a short, tough workout! Anyhow it was time!


I jogged up to my local park about 5mins away, some dynamic stretches when I got there and as the cricket square was roped off, I used this as my guidelines and timings.

I jogged up to the first corner and sprinted the length of the roping, before jogging for recovery and walking across to the next corner,

(Those not in the know, a cricket square gets roped off to stop people walking on it, and is in a square shape about 25-30yards in length on 4 sides)

Then sprinted again from this length,

I performed this 5 times.

I then added in a burpee and 5 pressups before getting up and sprinting, jogging, walking across, and performing a burpee, 2 squat jumps, x2 and sprinting, I did this 3 more times.


It was then time to come home, where I’m now dripping with sweat over the keyboard, supping PWO drink of protein, EAA’s, gluatmine, before a home made chilli and veg tea, then bootcamp!

Remember, if you’re gonna work short, it’s gotta be hard!

Sprints are an awesome workout for increasing general running speed, ab work for stabilization, glute and leg work. Just make sure you run HARD!

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