Alcohol – great if you want to be fat!

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Before you switch off, and class this as another “health nut” article, take a read and understand first!

Some people drink most nights, some drink at the weekend in moderation, and some people drink at the weekends in copious amounts – you know who you are!

As well as making you fat, alcohol can be damaging to the bodies organs, your skin, and general appearance and here’s why.

Alcohol doesn’t contain fat. That’s one myth about fat making you fat then! But within the body, the liver to be exact it’s broken down into sugar, possibly the most damaging “food source” you can digest.

Within the body it’s broken down into two compounds: fat and acetate. The fat is taken through the bloodstream and stored wherever you’re body tends to hold i’ts fat (we all have our areas – usually the stomach or love handles). The acetate is taken into the bloodstream and used as an immediate source of energy. A few drinks later, and this stock of energy is full, and as you’re sat down for most of this drinking, the excess is converted to fat. Because this source of energy is stocked up, carbs and fat will now not be burnt for any activities requiring energy. It’s all alcohol sugar! and it’s converted to fat and deposited on waistline. At 7kcals a gram, alcohol is good for building calories, compared with carbs and protein at 4kcals a gram.

As well as raising sugar levels, it also raises cortisol, a stress hormone. This promotes fat storage on the stomach, lowers levels of testosterone, and the bodies ability to recover from exercise. So those people who exercise in the morning because they’re out on a night time binge should think again!

Now, if you’re at a restaurant, ever heard of an apertif? It’s an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to increase the appetite, and many restaurants realize that this is a great way to get you to order more food! Several studies exist that show a sharp increase in caloric intake when an alcoholic drink is consumed before a meal (compared to a glass of water!). So know you’re blood sugar levels are up and you’re body wants more sugars and carbs….bar snacks or carb based meals like pizza?

Eating fatty or carb based foods with alcohol, (think crisps, nuts, pizza, indian, chinese etc) is the quickest way to store fat. Your blood sugar levels are elevated, as is insulin (your storage hormone) and when those high GI or fatty foods hit the blood stream, they are grabbed and taken down to those fat stores.

OK, I’ve not painted a pretty picture, and I’m not telling people to stop drinking, just as with everything…..moderation! Ensure you’re eaten sensibly in the lead up, drink water between alcoholic drinks, and try to stop drinking before you reach the stage of not knowing what or where you are, as you’ve probably killed enough brain cells, and the next morning and following days won’t be pretty, both in looks and feelings, as you’re body is ladened with toxins, and your pores open to the size of small craters.

Moderation is where it’s at!

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