Another 4 Fat Loss Tips

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1. Be selfish. ??
No not like being ‘a selfish dick in general’, nobody likes hanging around those kinds, but selfish in yourself, towards what you want.
A phrase often spouted, which is bull, when people don’t get results is “You Don’t Want it Badly Enough”.

As a standalone phrase it sucks, whoever said it doesn’t know what person X is doing or going through stress wise, family/home wise, work wise, sleep wise etc etc – Of COURSE people who want to lose weight WANT IT, but there’s a few factors which can limit them,
and I’ll hopefully cover some of those over these 20 tips!

I’m talking about being selfish over these 20 tips. Spend time on YOU,
planning your meals, factoring in workouts and time out for you, getting to bed at a decent time etc. I know ‘Mum’s’ often put the family before themselves, but guess what? They/We can all do stuff that we’re not currently doing,
to help out (Can of shitstorm just opened there ????)
2. Growth over Fixed Mindset. ????
Someone with a fixed mindset, is just that fixed. Judging things or people beforehand, using the “That doesn’t work for me …….. I’d love to but ……” kind of phrases.
Growth mindset is opportunistic; “How can I find time to workout? I know I need to eat less carbs, let me plan some of those meals”

It’s PURELY just a state of thinking, talking (internal and external) and then following through with action.
Sure, it might be tricky at first, as often the ‘negative, or dismissive’ self talk is based on your belief system and things you’ve seen, heard and been brought up around over the past years , but what’s really stopping it? Plus it fits in nicely with tip 1 above ????
3. If it’s in the house……. ????
How many times have you heard or used that phrase around ‘snacks’, food or drink?!
And of COURSE it’s true!
You’ll be no difference to any of us,
when temptation is around us, and there’s ZERO reason NOT to…… of course you will!
Even more so if you’ve had a stressed day!
Save stuff like that to buy on a Saturday,
keep beer/white wine in the larder so it’s not cold and tempting, get someone else to box away kids snacks, even clean your teeth or have chewing gum after meals or at ‘snack times’ ….. often steers the mind away!
4. Sit DOWN! ?????????
Set yourself a strict rule. ANYTHING you’re going to eat, you HAVE to be sat down at the table (at home!, and if you want to go a step further, must be on a plate – NO EXCEPTIONS!
This is screwing with your habitual mind,
and you gotta be strict with yourself!
This can sometimes stop those biscuit snacks,
as you’ll HAVE to have it on a plate sitting at the table,
and sometimes it can just be this shift in thought, or extra 60secs work, which is enough to make you think “Actually I don’t really want it”,
and if you do sit down with a plate at the table for a biscuit,
you either deserve it, or if done often you’re fooling yourself too much! ????

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