Another reason why you won’t get results at gyms!

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At the gym yesterday for my workout

3 rounds of 60secs each exercise;
Incline Bench
Close Grip Pulldown
Weighted Lunges
Cable Rotations
Shoulder Press

Bike – 15mins, 30secs hard, 60secs recovery

While on the bike a woman was being shown a few exercises by the gym instructor – ball in the back, doing some squats (I can accept this at first as she looked fairly new to exercises, albeit in her 30’s) She then gave her some dumbells to do bicep curls with at the same time…4kg. After 2 reps the “exerciser” felt that was too heavy and asked for the 2kg!!
Even worse the instructor passed them to her and let her carry on!

People – if you want results, you have to do things that are challenging when working out. 2kg is not going to do that!
You won’t get big
You won’t get bulky
You WILL be wasting your time!

Pick a weight you will start to struggle around 10-12 reps, and workout with intensity – then you will start getting somewhere!

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