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Today we’ll hit caffeine.
Note – I said caffeine and not coffee.

I’d say 90% of people enjoy a cup of coffee,
it’s almost become a “part of daily life”,
and for some a second home with
Starbucks, Costa, and the alike
giving you sofa’s, wall paintings, and
latin-music while you sip and get comfy!!

So, why have I got to be a party-pooper,
with caffeine?!
Especially as I like a cup most days too
^^^  Yup, and I said I love a Pizza yesterday – see I am like you!! ^^^

OK, when you drink coffee (and most cups have about 150mg caffeine)
it’s a stimulant.
Means it releases adrenaline, and cortisol hormones.
These give you;
– Alterness and focus
– Raised Heart Rate
– Raised Blood Pressure
– Dilated Pupils

but on the flip side (!)
It’s acidic, often causing upset or stomach ache,
and can give headaches
along with a caffeine crash a few hours later.
If you’re lean, and have minimal stress
in your life, you might get away with a couple of cups
of the black stuff a day

(Personally I can only normally have 1 a day for 4-5 days in a row, then I get a bit headachey, cloudy head and feel pretty fatigued — but it could all change with a lower caffeine “healthier” coffee (see post below) am currently enjoying and trialling…… 10 days in and feeling good!)

If you’re having a lot of daily stress,
are needing to lose a good few pounds,
this high caffeine hit, along with the acidity (and often done multiple times a day)
will place a lot of stress on your adrenal glands,
wire you out further,
tax your liver which is trying to detox, and burn fat,
and generally put you back a good few steps.
Equally if you suffer from heart burn, stomach upset,
?fluctuating energy levels,
poor sleep, I’d look at reducing too.

?—> Your adrenal glands will only take so much continued stress, before your body breaks down, energy levels plummet, your body aches and you feel like you have the flu – Adrenal Fatigue……been there, didn’t like it, won’t be going back!!

So, if you fall into the latter description,
and are maybe using it to “keep you going”,
it’s worth cutting back,
upping the water, and
maybe move to lower caffeine brand or green tea.
If you’re fine, happy and energised, carry on,
just again giving out the options 🙂

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