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First off – you might get a few lines down this
and think “crazy alert/whacky, straight jackets out!”

But I challenge you to read it all,
then make your own decision!
Judgment is a state of mind after all 🙂

The other day, in our TribeFit online group,
I asked a simple question;

“If money/time was no object, what would
you do today to make you happy?”

If you asked yourself, the answers
may well be similar;

– Holiday, sitting on the beach
– Taking the kids to Disneyland
– Spa day with facial and relaxation!
– Mountain walk with rivers and lakes around
– Playing with the kids

there have been over 100 posts so far!

See, we talk about happiness, and we’re interested!
We ALL seek happiness and rightly so,
but where does it come from?

From feelings and thoughts over actual objects.

Lemme explain…………………

I then suggested to them,
to find a quiet area,
sit relaxed, eyes closed, and just
breathe (if you’ve done mindfulness you’ll GET this)

^If you haven’t search out mindfulness breathing, nothing “whacky”
but something that will relax you, focus you, and de-stress you ^

Focussing on nothing but their own breath
initially, and then visualising that “happy place”

– The sounds
– The smells
– The feeling
– The sights
– Everything they pictured it to be

See when you do these things without distraction,
and often the distractions are in our own heads,
you can create/think about what you want.

BUT…………. until you actually DECIDE to take that “moment” it ain’t gonna happen,
you’re gonna continue with brain fog, and 1 Gazillion things running round your head!

When I asked them to re-post,
everyone was calm, relaxed and chilled.

Job #1 done in a 2minute block!

Job #2 was that they COULD actually picture/visualise
themselves in their “happy place” they wanted to be.

So what did this show?

That our brains, feelings and thoughts
can control our emotions,
can control our happiness, anger, stress or sadness

even if we’re not actually
where we think happiness “is” (beach, spa, disneyland etc)

we can bring the FEELINGS that it gives any time we want.
It’s not the actual OBJECT that gives us the pleasure,
it’s the feelings associated with it that do.

Whacky? Crazy? Out there?

– If that’s what bringing happiness or calm is
when we want it, then yeah I guess so?!

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