Are you addicted?!

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Dictionary describes this as “Physically and mentally dependent on a specific substance”.

Stop for a couple of moments, and think if that sums up anything in your life?
Many people will automatically say “No!” because addiction is something “nasty, like drugs or alcohol” etc, but we often get tied up in everyday life and time, and take things for granted, including food and drink consumption.

The addiction I’m talking about today is Caffeine. Coffee? That “social” drink?! What’s wrong with that?!

How many of you start your day with a coffee?

How many feel they are not awake until they have had their caffeine fix?

How many of you look forward after the first, to that mid morning break and another coffee?

How many of you go into one of the coffee shops and they actually know your order?!


I’d say this is a habit…..also known as an addiction?!

So, what’s wrong with caffeine? Well it’s a drug, a stimulant that can, in larger doses play havoc with the body.

Why do most people consume caffeine? I’d imagine it’s for the caffeine “hit” – I’m the same, sometimes I’ll reach for a coffee to get through a workout, or article, this I’m not saying is wrong – my concern is the people who religiously move to coffee for the next “energy pickup”

If you need coffee first thing in the morning to “wake up” you seriously need to look at your lifestyle choices – bed times, what you are eating the night before, your breakfast options etc. The last thing your body needs upon waking is a surge of caffeine, which in turn elevates adrenaline, and in turn cortisol, a stress hormone.

Caffeine also stimulates a release in insulin, a storage hormone, which affects blood sugar levels and energy. Also, when insulin is out of control, fat loss is nigh on impossible.

Suffer from anxiety? Then coffee should be kept to a minimum especially after lunch! Caffeine stays in the blood stream for over 6 hours, so trouble sleeping? There you go! I can never understand people that have coffee after and evening meal or dinner party?!!

Caffeine consumption can lead to eventual adrenal exhaustion which can leave you vulnerable to a variety of health disorders related to inflammation, autoimmunity, and fatigue.

I’m not telling you to remove caffeine, but what I would suggest is try removing it for 10 days and see how much more energy you have……real, natural energy! Sure you might get some headaches initially (this shows the effects it has on the body!) but thereafter you will notice the difference!

Alternatives would be;

– Liquorice tea in the morning, liquorice is shown to lower cortisol levels that are naturally higher in the morning.

– Lemon in warm water – great for helping to detox the liver

– Green tea – a small amount of caffeine, but also contains a number of antioxidants beneficial to the body

– Peppermint tea – Peppermint is great for calming the digestive system

– Tulsi tea – and indian herb shown to relax the body – great for the afternoon

– Chamomille tea – perfect in an evening for resting the body.


So, what addiction are you going to remove for 10 days?!!



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