Are you constantly learning or bettering yourself?

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I read quite a lot of books, in the minimal time I have!.

Not only is this beneficial to me and my clients for continued learning, but it’s about expanding your thoughts and ideas. Many of my books are on health, fitness and nutrition, but I also read a lot on mindsets, lifestyle changes and business planning as I feel they go hand in hand.
Also, if you have a trainer who is not looking to progress their knowledge or skills, the same could be said will happen to your results….??

One book I’ve just finished is “The Go Giver”. It’s short, to the point and has a great moral. Not only will it help you as a business person, but has some great life values too. I highly recommend buying a copy (about £3 from amazon) and let me know how you find it. I’ve even got the “5 rules of success’ printed and on my office wall…….!!

Take parts from many sources and combine to make your blueprint!

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