Are you operating like a puncture?

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Self honesty post!

How many of you would like to, or be brave enough to say;
“I don’t need a magical / the best nutrition plan out there – ‘sheeeeet’
I don’t even need a “set plan”
…………. I just need to be organised/plan my food more often” ?!

Feel free to let me know yes or no?!

See, as I’ve talked about before, you could have the best intentions in the world, the best trainer, the best “goal”/holiday planned,

but if your “everyday life” doesn’t follow the same path, you have some re-occuring stressors, a lack of planning going on, or a lack of direction/self-doubt over what’s ‘going on’………..

It AIN’T gonna happen.

(I’d also stick my neck out and say if you’re finding food planning a bit ‘hit n miss’ then other areas of daily life will follow the same pattern — whether you can see or don’t want to see it straight off)

I’ve seen it many times over my 15 years (of business not my age!),
I hear it each week, I’ve even experienced it myself.

When we DON’T have a plan.
When we’re NOT clear on what we’re doing/trying to achieve.
When we don’t have the confidence in WHAT we’re doing.
We don’t really know WHY we’re doing something

—–> we’re like a cyclist with a slow puncture;
It’s not IF the tyre will go flat,
it’s WHEN it will go flat.

With the above example, it’s almost like
having to pump the tyre up each day to keep it operational,
rather than taking the nail out the tyre,
and replacing the inner tube.

Only one of the above is truly a resolution.

The other will become tiresome, will drain on your energy
and soon enough you’ll get bored of having to
‘pump up’ the tyre each time you want to get somewhere,
and you’ll “ditch the ride”.

So if this is the case……………
what are/can you do to resolve this?

Stuck, but know something needs to change?
Drop me a message, and I’ll gladly have a chat and see if I can help you 🙂

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