Arm uncovered

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SO Friday I went in to have the stitches removed on the arm – part of me was apprehensive for seeing the damage done to the newly created sleeve, but whats done was done.


Surprisingly ….very little….am very happy with the handiwork!

Anyone that has had surgery will know the feeling poi get once dressing and stitches are taken out – quite weird…vulnerable even, now your “security” is removed. I’m allowed to do gentle movements, but majority of time it stays in the sling.

I can get a fair bit of flexion, but not full extension at the arm. Also can’t supinate, or turn palm upwards, but only to be expected……slowly slowly! Am in for first physio session today and back for Xray in 3 weeks to check the radial bone they drilled into to secure the bicep tendon isn’t cracked….GREAT!


Plenty of ice, vitamin C, Bromelain and MSM on the  way for healing, with some Vitamin E oil in the cupboard to help reduce scar damage!

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