Attitude, Mindset and “What If……”!

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Apologies for the delay in posts – have been on an “energy restore” in Jamaica whilst the rest of the UK has been under snow and ice!

A quick post on attitudes – as they say a little like “bum holes” everyone has one, but not always good!!

Every day at our hotel the room was made up, floors washed, and the kids pyjamas folded and placed neatly on the bed alongside their soft toys. The lady also use to leave a nice note EVERY day


Now the cynic might say, “Yeah they write those so you leave a tip” Well, if she wrote that and didn’t do her job well she’d get nothing.


My point here is why not have a “Great Day!” everyday? You mind will control your thoughts, your thoughts control you body and actions.


If you wake up and start running through your head…. “Hmmm I feel knackered”…’re gonna be knackered.

If you think “This is too hard or difficult to do” Guess what…’re gonna pack it in quicker than you started!


When we were kids ANYTHING was possible. A lot of this through a lack go inhibitions, and people telling us… “oh that’s too hard for you , or You won’t be able to do that” and then our subconscious mind kicks in and we start to doubt ourself, with comments like “Yeah your probably right…. I haven’t got the time, or Ive never done that before, it’ll be too hard” !


If I placed a wooden plank on the floor how hard would it be to walk across it?

Not very.


Now, if I placed it 6 feet off the ground, over the top of a barrel with piranha in, how much harder would it be?! Quite a lot I’d expect!

It’s still the same plank, but added into the mix is the fear of falling, the fear of what if the wind blew, what if I slipped…..what if….what if…..what if…!!!!


Screw “What if…!!” Try it! In sport they say a loss or failure is a step closer to achieving.

If you never take that step or chance, you’re sitting in your comfort zone. You’re letting your subconscious run things over in your mind and chances are you’ll never do anything!


So, talk to yourself – repeat positive thoughts and sayings….it sounds whacky, but again because we’ve been “told” these things are stupid and pointless.

Create a vision board with images of people you want to be like, things you want to do so you can visualise where you want to go

Then set yourself a target and wake up each day with a “Have a Great Day” attitude and see how much you can do!


Dare you………..!!!

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