Don’t use this at the gym!

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I was at the gym today and a guy came in, and started preparing the Smith machine. He put the shoulder rest on, and put some 5kg plates on each side, and proceeded to do some squats!!

If you don’t know what a Smith machine is this is one;

Speak to any Personal Trainer, or anyone that know’s about training and they will tell you this piece of kit is a waste of time. Bascially, it moves in a fixed up and down motion, something that your joints don’t do…..move in a fixed plane of motion.

Your training should be based around functional exercises, that move the body in different planes, just like daily movements. When will you every do anything that moves up and down, in the same line every damn time?! It’s dangerous for your joints because you cannot place yourself in a good position to move this way.

Thankfully, this guy was NOT gonna injure himself with 5kg on each end, in fact, he wasn’t going to do much, apart from wasting his time….

What made things worse was another guy came to “correct” his squat pattern, and had him place his feet so far forward, that if that bar wasn’t fixed there he would have fallen over backwards!

1) Don’t listen to people giving advice at the gym unless they are qualified or know what they’re talking about…..this will be hard at the gym!

2) Don’t use the Smith Machine for anything other than inverted rows, or attaching things like a TRX trainer to.

3) Pick some of these exercises for a lower body/leg workout, to strengthen the legs and glutes, if your male or female

Front Barbell Squats

Single Leg Weighted Step Ups

Stability Ball Hamstring Rolls

Weighted Lunges

Bulgarian Split Squats

Barbell Reverse Lunges

Lateral Lunges

Straight Leg Deadlifts

Single Leg Deadlifts

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