Best and worst way to start the day

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What you eat first thing in the morning, is more important than you think.


You’ve been asleep for a number of hours, and internally your blood sugar levels are low, as is insulin (a hormone released when you eat carbs, and acts as a “storing” hormone) – these 2 states are quite good for fat burning.


But, if you go and eat a high carb/sugar breakfast like cereal, a pastry sh!tty breakfast bar(you know the ones)

fresh fruit juice (liquid sugar!) or toast and jam,

these foods “spike” your blood sugar levels, giving you a hit of energy

and therefore a release of insulin – back to fat storing instead of fat burning – BAD!


Also, you’ll find they aren’t very filling, fibrous or nutrient rich, so give it an hour or so, and you’ll likely be hungry(lack of nutrients)

as well as feeling an energy slump – queue the next caffeine or carb hit.


Carbohydrates also help the body produce melatonin, a relaxing hormone which can aid sleep.


Errrrrr is this what you want first thing in the morning?!?!

I doubt it!


Breakfast cereals (yep even their name!!!) is a marketing scam!

They are nutritionally devoid – they even have to “fortify” or add in vitamins and minerals……

unlikely your body can actually use many of these though!


Go for higher protein options like eggs on toast, omelette, greek yoghurt with some berries and nuts, or my infamous protein pancakes.


Not only does protein release insulins better brother, Glucagon (which burns fat), it takes longer to digest, so will keep you fuller for longer!


Billy Bonus!


A decent breakfast is something we instil in the 21day Look Great Feel Great plan here, which helps everyone with their energy, sleep and body.

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