Best Breakfast nutrition in one!

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Too many people eat cereal, or eat the same breakfast day in, day out.

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, as your blood sugar levels are low from overnight, and you’re body is ready to kickstart your metabolism and soak up nutrients that it needs for the next few hours ahead.

So, if you go and have a danish, cardboard cereal (with minimal nutrients the body can use) or worse still, skip breakfast, yuo are on course for poor energy, weight gain, sugar cravings and a crap day!

Look to eat natural foods.

Look for variety.

Look for contents that will give the body a host of vitamins and minerals, and then watch the difference in your day!

Here was my breakfast;


Avocado, oat bran, Total yoghurt, water, frozen blueberries, almond butter, Brown Rice Protein, Vitamin C powder, Acai powder, raspberries.

Doesn’t look great at first

But 10 secs on the hand blender and here’s something to wake the body up!

What’s your favourite ideas for breakfast?

Want more ideas for meals, breakfast and a 4 week plan to follow? Then click here for results!!

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