Best home workout equipment?

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Another common question I get asked is

What’s the best equipment to get for home?

First thing;

– Don’t bother with any cardio equipment unless you’re going for a higher

end range of treadmill, cross trainer or rower.

I’ve personally had cheaper end one’s and they suck.

Like first 2 resistance levels are hard, next 2 are damn hard

and the last 14 are impossible.

Cheap is often cheap for a reason!

Agree, some are ok, but chances are 90% suck and you’ll

only end up using them as a clothes horse!

Resistance kit can be good.

Kettlebells, as long as you use them correctly can be a very

effective piece of equipment. A set of adjustable dumbbells can

also make workouts more varied and challenging – just don’t buy

anything too light! You need a stimulus for the body to change shape!

Your own body is a perfect tool for working out, and is often

challenging enough for ALL levels.
Check my home workout book here

for exercises and workouts you can do from home with just your body.

Cheap bags of sand, compost or gravel from DIY stores make a simple

weight you can press overhead, carry when lunging etc etc – it doesn’t

have to cost the earth.

Our bootcamps use a few Slam balls (worth a google), kettle bells, and then

the picnic benches at the venue for step ups, dips, and combined with

bodyweight exercises and short sprints, provide MORE than enough stimulus!

Running can be good, and free, but if you don’t pick up the pace, add in some hills

or sprints, you’ll soon plateau..

Don’t forget though – ALL the above exercises WILL NOT give you the body

you’re after if you’re not improving the quality of your daily food intake!

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