BEST Stomach exercise

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I get asked a lot of questions on health, fitness

and diet.

I like this….. – show’s people are interested,

and wanna change.

Well – that is, most do.

Some just want to hear the answer

they are already planning in their head,

and if it’s not the same,

they’ll nod, maybe try and verbally work around

the answer I’ve given, and then just carry on doing

what they were thinking anyway??!!?


“What the best exercise to get rid of this” 

says generic person, patting their tummy.

And here comes the answer that most people

decide isn’t the one they want to hear!


—- The exercise that involves you lifting your hand

to your mouth!

Seriously – you can exercise til your heart is content or knackered,

but if you’re not altering your weekly diet,

results will be minimal.

After all, you probably exercise a few times a week,

but you eat/drink a lot more.


Also your digestive system is part of this area.

If you’re eating foods that cause inflammation,

or aren’t being digested well;

– Wheat products

– Sugar

– Foods in shiny packages with more than 6 ingredients.


They’ll all expand that stomach area.

Over 21 days, I show you what foods work best

?for your body, which exercises are effective 

alongside (taking just 10mins a day!)

and how to combine these into an easy to follow package!

It’s always easier to show, than to talk to/about, right?!

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