What training is best?

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In a previous posts I laid into BodyPump a touch! Everyone has their own opinions, and those were mine…..and the readers!

So, what training should you do?

Well, like food, you should vary it.

You wouldn’t eat the same food day in, day out, so why should you do the same exercise each week?

Right………you shoudn’t!!

Cross-training is what you need.

OK not that cross!!

Cross training means literally that – using a variety of training styles and protocols to challenge the body, using different muscles, movements, loads, and intensity. By doing this you will keep the body challenged, and your body shape will certainly change.

So what can you do?

Plenty, here’s a few;

– Gym Classes

– BodyWeight Training

– Kettlebells

– Sprint Training

– Hill runs

– TRX Training

– Dumbell and resistance work

– Kettlebells

– Boxing and MMA

– Cycling

– Rowing

– Plyometric

– Strongman training (tyre flips, keg lifts, weighted walks)

– Skipping


The list could go on. You can mix these up into a workout session, or you couldl pick one of the above for a training session and change for the next.

You can even stick with the same workout style for a few weeks each day, but change the loads, or resistance used. So one session you may do bodyweight training using quick movements and higher rep ranges, the next you may do the same style, but work at a lot slower pace for each repetition, working for less repetitions per set.

By changing the variables (weight used, “set” time, number of repetitions or time under tension worked for) you can always ensure a workout is different to the previous.

Other benefits of cross-training are that they “take the load” differently on the joints. We talked about bodypump overloading the muscles and joints of the body for too long a time. Well via crosstraining you may work flat out on some sprint training, but next session could be non-weight bearing and be a cycle ride with intervals – placing less stress on the hips, knees and ankles.

Therefore, you will be using your muscles in different ways, using different energy demands, calorific demands and so your body will react to this demand, and you should notice benefits not just physically in shape, but also in strength, speed and endurance across all the disciplines you train.


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