Best way to cook Vegetables

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Veggies should be around 2/3 of all meals.

Not only do they provide fibre, important for keeping satiety, but also for vitmains, minerals and enzymes for a healthy body.

The trouble is most of these are lost during the cooking phase.

Vegetables have something called flavonoids which give it their colour. These flavonoids provide most of the antioxidants that are beneficial to our bodies. Antioxidants repair cells that are damages on a daily basis through poor nutrition, exercise and daily stressors. These damaged cells or free radicals, are dangerous to the body, and in large amounts can cause disease and infection amongst others.

So, lots of veggies are good raw, but when cooking them;

Microwaving – kills around 97% of flavonoids

Boiling – Kills around 66% of flavonoids

Steaming – minimal loss

So next time you reach for the microwave think about the nutritional benefits – through a colander on top of a pan of boiling water and steam those veggies!

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