Binge Eating is fine….

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Pass me another Krispy Kreme,
packet of Monster Munch,
and a Can of coke will ya?


No my friend, I have the “binge eating Gene”,
I got this one covered!!

Hmmmmm, so news report
today seems to think 20% of
overweight/obese people tested
had a gene which leads them to binge

“About one in 10 British adults and teenagers are binge eaters, which can leave individuals feeling like they have lost control over what they consume.
The condition is most common in people who are overweight or obese.”

Aye, and I’ll tell you likely why
that last line is the case.

Most hormones in the body are tiggered via
the hypothalamus in the brain, a pea sized
organ which has MASSIVE control effects in the body;

– The hypothalamus responds to a variety of signals
including body temperature, hunger,
feelings of being full up after eating,
blood pressure and levels of hormones in the circulation.
It also responds to stress and controls our daily bodily rhythms.

The most important one of the above,
yep you hopefully saw;
“Feelings of being full after eating”

?This is because we have another hormone
(Blimey it’s learning day today!)
called LEPTIN.

In short, when fat levels in the body are high,
so are Leptin levels, which signal to the brain;
I have enough energy, so reduce appetite.
This should be good – but when people are VERY overweight,
consume a lot of “fake foods and chemicals”,
they can become Leptin Resistant.

^^ The brain and the body don’t recognise the high leptin levels or signals,
and continue to signal “Increase Appetite” body needs more energy ^^

This is why brain health, and some of the stuff
I’ve talked about recently is CRUCIAL
for healthy and the brains reaction.

I’ve gone on a bit today, so
tomorrow I’ll tell you how to ensure Leptin Levels
work FOR YOU, especially for those
who lose weight, and then plateau or start to go back up.

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