Breakfast Smoothie – Better Breakfast Ideas!

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When you mention the word smoothie, most people think straight away of fruit smoothies.


While most think fruit smoothies are a “healthy option” in reality they aren’t.

Most people consume too many carbs as it is, leading to additional weight gain, sluggishness and insulin issues. When there is no fibre (the skin) involved such as a smoothie, it’s like a shot of liquid sugar.

For breakfast, carbs, and especially sugary ones are a real no-go for anyone who wants sustained energy.

You see your body has been fasting over night (hence the word Break-Fast) your blood sugar levels are low, and you body has been in recover & repair mode.

If you eat a sugary/carb rich breakfast you get a sudden sugar rush into the bloodstream, and insulin is released to re-balance these levels. When insulin is active fat loss/burning is literally switched off – not great already! Excess carbohydrates or sugars, promote fat storage on your love handle area – want to rid these, cut back on carbs, and up your protein and good fats!


Also, because your body has been in a ¬†fasted state overnight, your body has receptor cells that expect/want the same sort of foods you eat after this fasted state – so yep, eat some sugary cereal, by mid morning you’re reaching for the pastries, caffeine or sweet fix. Also, cereals are full of cheap wheat products that our bodies just don’t digest well, which is why, alongside their sugar content and nutrient deficiency(and the fact most people don’t digest the milk sugars contained in milk….double whammy!) you should stay away from cereals for breakfast.


You’re much better off eating protein with breakfast as it will keep you fuller for longer, and will not give you this sugar hit.

Think various forms of eggs on wholemeal or rye bread, omelette, my legendary protein pancakes, even a protein shake if you’re in a rush, but aim to eat something further within 90mins.

I’ve started making my own smoothie for breakfast, not all the ingredients are required (the * ones are optional) but this is mine before adding water and blending;


– Frozen Blueberries (about 3 handfuls)

– Tablespoon Udo’s Beyond Greens * (Greens products are great for getting nutrients in, especially Autumn Winter)

– Serving Protein Powder

– 200ml Rice Milk

– Chia Seeds * 2 tablespoons

– Teaspoon Coconut Oil

– TableSpoon Peanut/Almond Butter

– Cinnamon Stick (Crucial for balancing blood sugars)

– Handful Quinoa Flakes *

– 5g of Tyrosine * (Great for regulating hormones and mental clarity)

– 5g Gluatmine * (Good for digestive Health, and reducing stress levels)

– 3g Green tea powder (Good boost for the body) *

– Probiotic Powder* – Ideal for improving the good bacteria in your gut, 70% of your immune system is here.

(If you dont have a lactose intolerance you can add 1-2 tablespoons of greek yoghurt)

Add some water to get right consistency and blend and enjoy!

Power breakfast, full of energy will keep you full for the morning, and won’t build your love handles up!

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