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Something I’ve been asked recently, and also

quite often is my thoughts on juicing, and

having “liquid” meal replacements.


Well…………here ya go……..


Juicing, I think is pretty good.

Raw veg and fruit, juiced down – it’s pretty much a shot

of vitamins and minerals – great for health and skin.


However, there is sod all calories in a juice, zero protein, beneficial

fats or fibre, so as a meal?




You’ll soon be hungry again.


As a snack, or between meals?


Yeah go for it.


Juice “7 day diets”?! I’m not a fan.

All of these “replace meals” diets REALLY depend on the quality

of the food you DO eat, the stress levels you have and your water intake.

To just throw them in instead of meals is a recipe for over eating

in my view.


Same with meal replacements.

They are fake ingredients, often using cheap Soya fillers

to “bulk up” the drink.

They are just a marketers dream, which will affect your health

if taken often and lighten your bank account!


Seriously……if you’re thinking about juice diets or meal replacements

to lose weight………. don’t.

Take a look at my LGFG in 21 days plan here – REAL food,

no calorie counting, starvation or fads.

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