Choc-o-holic – HELP!

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So I got this email the other day from Lorna, which I’ve

heard a few times before! ;

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Can I ask your advice?  I have read your tips 

and implemented them… didn’t need to lose weight

but dropped a couple of pounds anyway (always a

bonus where skinny jeans are concerned!), lost the

bloaty feeling, got more energy.  But…….. 


oh I could consume my own body weight in chocolate!


I have perhaps just a couple of squares of it, but

it continues to call out to me to eat it even

after that and as soon as I have 1 bit, I want

more (sugar is v clever!!!)… but I do crave

it…. I didn’t have a sweet tooth until I was

pregnant and it has not left me. I have kicked my

biscuit habit completely… they even don’t really

appeal any more.  


Any other food you could suggest to have instead 

of chocolate?  


I do have things like fruit, or bit of goats cheese on 

celery to fill the hunger, or have yet another cup of lemon

tea / mint tea etc… but the craving does not go!



Ohhh yeah – the old chocolate monster! And plenty about this weekend



OK – first thing – make sure you’re eating enough protein (meat, egg, fish etc)

and good fats (oils, nuts, avocado) at each meal, while keeping sugars

and carbs lower – these will regulate your blood sugar levels

and stop a lot of cravings. < Plenty of GOOD meal ideas here >

What are Cravings?

Cravings mean your body is asking for more nutrients,

a certain mineral or vitamin it is lacking.

In the case of chocolate cravings it’s after magnesium.

Magnesium is a MASSIVE mineral that has over 200 jobs, acting like

a catalyst for many metabolic functions in the body – main ones being;

—> Muscle relaxant so REALLY improves sleep

^^^^ That’s why we include it in our LGFG in21 days plan here! ^^^^^

—> Is apparent in dark chocolate hence the craving for more

—> Helps the body’s cells uptake glucose/blood sugar for energy

^^^^^^^^^ Crucial job for sustained energy and fat loss there ^^^^^

—-> Helps with PMS Symptoms   <<< Oh yeah!! >>>

You can get magnesium from leafy green veg, nuts, fish etc,

but you’d have to eat a bucket load each day. Taking a GOOD supplement

like this one here (2 caps before bed, and goodnight sailor!) will do the job!

It’s one of the few things I take daily, and you should notice a difference within a week.

Don’t forget “QUALITY” sleep is MASSIVE for health and fat loss – it’s when

your hormones and body “resets, and re-charges”

Hope this helps a few of you out 🙂

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