Chocolate for breakfast?!

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A certain cereal brand that is Wheat based and contains Bix has now brought out a chocolate version, to join the many other “cereals”

This bugs the sh!t out of me really.

At what stage does the National Health system or Government (as much as they know) bring in some rules on food  products?!

OK, this may be a bit OTT as I certainly agree with freedom of choice, but who apart from an idiot would actually have chocolate for breakfast? Even more likely, when your children see these “breakfast options” and want them on a daily basis, are you going to let them eat it??

“But it tastes nice…” I can hear some people saying over the number of sugar coated, chocolate based cereals. Really? Does it? Or does it just taste sweet, and is overstimulating your already high blood sugar levels and taste buds, that will lead to energy slumps, more consumption of sugar or coffee (stimulants) leading to worse food choices later in the day. Then, later (or sooner) in life, possibly diabetes, and certainly higher than needed bodyfat  percentages, plus associated illnesses that occur when your diet is devoid of proper nutrients.

Breakfast IS one of the most crucial meals of the day, as your body has “fasted” over night, and is looking to this first meal for energy for the morning, nutrients and vitality for the body. Also, what you eat for this first meal, sets yours bodies receptors up to expect this food type for the rest of the day. Eat sugar, and you’re body will crave sugar for the rest of the day……

Eat natural foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals like some fresh berries, nuts or tropical fruits.

Go for protein such as eggs, some wholemeal toast and smoked salmon.

Even go for porridge with rice milk, some berries to sweeten and some ground seeds for some beneficial fats for the body.

These last 3 options will keep your energy levels high, your body working with foods it can use, and chances are you’ll keep that waistline in tact as you’re likely to choose better options throughout the day than if you started with a bowl of sugar and man-made food your body will struggle to process.

Don’t be ignorant….

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