Could do or Will Do

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2 phrases, but very different meanings and actions.

I’ve had a few conversations recently and the former “Could” has come up a few times.

Over the last 10 days, I’ve spoken to a number of people who were struggling in one way or another;

– Sticking to foods they KNOW they should be eating more of
– Exercising more than they currently are
– Working less than they currently are
– Doing things they WANT to be doing, but find ‘reasons/excuses’ not to be doing them.

During the conversation I help them bring forward their excuses (as often that’s what it is! Stories we’ve built up in our heads as to WHY we can’t do something), or help them find openings and opportunities to move forward with what they WANT to do (It’s what I do well 🙂 ),

and quite often my following question is;

“So what do you think you could do right NOW to move you closer to what we’ve just talked about?”

and 99 times out of 100 it’s

“Well, I could do xxxxxxx………” 🙂

So why aren’t you then?
So can you do that now?!

And that really is the success to moving forward.
Having someone help you move the “Bullshit fog” out of the way that’s clouding options, thoughts, decisions and direction,
and then helping you implement the “DO” – rather than sitting with too many “Could’s” .

So what are you gonna DO today or this week?!

P.S. One slot left on my “Doing” plan starting Monday if you want some help with ^^^ that.

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