Crap Diets!

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I’ve just come back from a trip into town, and popped into our local health shop to pickup my usual bits and pieces.

Whilst in there, a guy was buying some “supplies” for his missus. When it came to paying I heard the shop owner say, oh you get the free diet book with it…..I looked over and from the “ingredients” I could see what he was buying…stuff for the “maple syrup diet” as used by Beyonce a year or so ago.

Ahhhhh I could feel my blood boiling!! After he left, I had a chat with the owners, and she even tried to say the research said it was quite healthy!!!

‘scuse my language, but bollocks!

Those that don’t know, you have some maple syrup, lemon juice, warm water and cayenne pepper a few times a day as a drink, and I think that’s pretty much it! She said a newer version had come out where you do eat some food, but still…….

The “idea” behind it is the cayenne pepper speeds up your metabolism, and I really don’t care what else…!!!!

Your body needs around 500kcals a day just to supply energy to your living tissues and organs….this diets supplies just about that, and that’s all.

By starving yourself you’re bodies metabolism slows down, so your body in effect is on-go slow mode internally. It will start breaking down muscle tissue (your bodies internal furnace for burning calories), and if you want to do some exercise or anything active……forget it, you’ll be light headed and wasted!

This plan sucks…..I’m actually disappointed that the shop supply the ingredients, knowing what they will be doing, it’s irresponsible and bad for people’s health, but yet again, some people are set on losing weight the quickest way possible with disregard or ignorance for their health.

Forget this diet, and that diet – stick to my style of nutrition (eating natural foods) and you won’t go wrong.

A healthy body, is a body that will lose weight, stay energetic, and function optimally.

These kind of plans will to the opposite.

Rant over!! 🙂

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