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A few weeks back I was invited by Danone to their new product launch for Danio yoghurts. I was a little sceptical at first, as most yoghurts from mainstream companies are flavoured sugar pots!

The Ambassador Danio was olympian Louis Smith, and after the launch he put on a “little” masterclass;

Anyhow on with the yoghurts!!

Due to their higher than normal protein content (as the yoghurt is strained, meaning it retains it’s higher protein content, but equally therefore, isn’t as processed as most yoghurt products are) they are being aimed as a great post/pre workout idea. Personally I think they can and are a great option for breakfast alongside some ground nuts and/or a tablespoon of flaxseed or oatbran.

They have a wide range of flavours including Blueberry, Passionfruit, black cherry, raspberry, strawberry, peach.

Some of the flavours are 0% fat, but personally I’d opt for the normal version as the small amount of fat is natural (in the form of cream) and therefore means slightly less sugar content than the fat free versions. Yet another reason why you shouldn’t opt for fat free products all the time – Sugar is the damager, not fat!


Our bodyfit bootcampers went out a trial of these yoghurt and the feedback was great. ‘Great flavours, don’t normally like yoghurt, but these are really thick and nice, to keeps you full til lunchtime when had as breakfast”


At around 12g of protein a pot, I’d definitely look into them as a snack or breakfast option.


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