Do calories matter?

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Do calories matter?


‘That’ word which causes so much stress and frustration around weightloss.


Not sure which one causes the most emotional upheaval, “Calories” or “Scales” ?!!

Anyhow, do they matter?
For sure.
End of the day, we all need a certain amount to allow our body to function properly and healthily,
and if we eat too many consistently we’ll gain weight,
we reduce them (but not too far or our body goes into protection mode) and we lose weight.

Well, that’s the black and white version,
for those who don’t understand how much hormones impact this.

But, as we’re talking about calories …..

But the BIGGEST take away here,
is whilst calories matter,
the TYPE of calories we consume matter EVEN more for weightloss and health (insulin levels, blood glucose levels – the things which ACTUALLY cause weight gain and can lead to heart issues).

By this I mean Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat.
For example, if you ate 1500kcals of carbohydrates each day for a week and then you ate 1500kcals of protein each day
for a week, you would not only lose different amounts (more on the protein, but your body would react more beneficially to the latter with regards to health and function).

Food as HUGE knock on effects to hormones,
which control everything from body temperature,
mood, sleep, weight, skin/health conditions, immune system and so much more.

These are furhter reasons why I strongly recommend low/controlled carbohydrate eating plans,
on a regular basis for the majority of people – myself included.

If you’d like to learn more,
experience the benefits (mental and physical) of lower carbohydrate plans ……….. with a structured plan that WORKS here’s your chance —–>

P.S. It’s not a 1 plan fits all, as post 4 weeks there’s a continuation group to tailor things personally and make 2018 YOUR best for body and health
P.P.S – On plan we DON’T count calories either

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